Access To Information Quotes

Access To Information Quotes by Herbert Simon, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Robert J. Sawyer, Andrew Lo, Ed Asner, Aaron Swartz and many others.

The situation has provided a cue; this cue has given th

The situation has provided a cue; this cue has given the expert access to information stored in memory, and the information provides the answer. Intuition is nothing more and nothing less than recognition.
Herbert Simon
We have to make sure whenever you are dealing with big things like global warming, world security, refugees, the E.U. question, access to information, it needs to be done with an awareness that all of these things interconnect.
Birgitta Jonsdottir
Secrecy was the problem; transparency the obvious cure.
Robert J. Sawyer
The United States has the most sophisticated financial markets in the world, which does not leave much room to maneuver. But it also offers investors the greatest access to information and the ability to execute trades quickly and efficiently. So it is a mixed bag of opportunity.
Andrew Lo
The free access to information is not a privilege, but a necessity for any free society. One of my favorite things to do as a young man was wander through the stacks of my hometown library. I’d just browse until I found something interesting. Libraries have definitely changed my life.
Ed Asner
With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge – we’ll make it a thing of the past.
Aaron Swartz
Google will make us more informed. The smartest person in the world could well be behind a plow in China or India. Providing universal access to information will allow such people to realize their full potential, providing benefits to the entire world.
Hal Varian
Journalists don’t need a get-out-of-jail-free card, … Instead we should be given more access to information.
Chris Powell
I only form an opinion when I feel that I’ve done sufficient research and have sufficient access to information.
Vincent Bugliosi
Librarians consider free access to information the foundation of democracy.
Marilyn Johnson
We must remember that democracy works when given time to develop, mature and deliver. People must have access to information for informed debate. Government institutions must treat citizens fairly, and with dignity, while responding to their needs.
Atifete Jahjaga
We systematically overestimate the value of access to information and underestimate the value of access to each other.
Clay Shirky
[Students] are also accustomed to having quick access to information. The idea of “storing” data in their heads can seem pointless. I find that they are also much more interested in learning through problem solving and group collaboration than in the past.
Carol Ann Tomlinson
I dream of not having access to technology. I think it’s a very wonderful time that we have found ourselves in, in terms of access to information, but alone time is better for some personalities than others. And I would very gladly give it up. I think I’d do very well.
Mackenzie Davis
Secrecy is the linchpin of abuse of power, . . . its enabling force. Transparency is the only real antidote.
Glenn Greenwald
Access to information and freedom of access to it may seem like a fundamental right but there are many people who think, rightly or wrongly, it is for your own good that it is hidden.
Alberto Gonzales
I dream of a Digital India where access to Information knows no barriers.
Narendra Modi