Actors And Actresses Quotes

Actors And Actresses Quotes by Frederick Lenz, George Bernard Shaw, Saoirse Ronan, Chris Burke, Woody Allen, Paul Walker and many others.

There are so many talented people in film today. There

There are so many talented people in film today. There seem to be poor scripts, but the actors and actresses are very talented.
Frederick Lenz
I do not want actors and actresses to understand my plays. That is not necessary. If they will only pronounce the correct sounds I can guarantee the results.
George Bernard Shaw
The public want actresses, because they think all actresses bad. They don’t want music or poetry because they know that both are good. So actors and actresses thrive and poets and composers starve.
George Bernard Shaw
I love a lot of comedy actors and actresses like Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey and all those women who are really brilliant and funny.
Saoirse Ronan
I’d like to be the role model to teach other people who have Down’s syndrome to be actors and actresses and to be themselves and not try to be a big shot.
Chris Burke
I have a great admiration for English actors and actresses and have used them at every opportunity over the years, but now I won’t have to import them to New York.
Woody Allen
I’m as interested in photographing the film crew as much as the actors and actresses.
Paul Walker
I don’t believe athletes should be role models. . . . We’re a one-shot deal, one in a million, so we should be the least likely role models. . . . I think one of the problems in society today is that we don’t stress education enough, because we glorify athletes, actors and actresses.
Charles Barkley
Oh, I know I can sing. What I really want to be is an actress.
Jay Presson Allen
I don’t like theatrical actors and actresses. I like people that talk like real human beings.
Woody Allen
To save the Theatre, the Theatre must be destroyed, and actors and actresses all die of the Plague … they make art impossible.
Eleanora Duse
Most actors and actresses are performative as people. It goes part and parcel with the profession and New York actors who are out of work, or actors anywhere out of work, are manic because you never know when the next job is going to come.
Zoe Lister-Jones
Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.
Meryl Streep
I’m a huge movie buff, so I’m a fan of a lot of actors and actresses.
Jared Gilman
We knew, very early on, that we had to be very, very clear that directors need to speak to actors and actresses and be very clear about what is expected, and find out whether they’re comfortable with that. Wardrobe has to be in place. There have to be checks.
Michael Sheen
I’ve never understood the notion that actors and actresses should look great on-screen just because they’re on-screen. That doesn’t make sense to me.
Kate Winslet
I am admiring of my fellow peers, black filmmakers and black actors and actresses.
Cuba Gooding, Jr.