African American Music Quotes

African American Music Quotes by David Toop, David Simon, Ray Charles, Johnny Otis, Michael Eric Dyson, Ahmet Ertegun and many others.

I'd been listening to African-American music since the

I’d been listening to African-American music since the first record I ever bought, which was by Sam Cooke. And it sounds more like my private thoughts that I never thought I would be able to articulate – I never thought I would be able to express publicly.
David Toop
What city has given the world more in terms of American culture than New Orleans? There is none. Not New York. Not L.A. Not Chicago. Not anywhere, in the sense that African American music has gone around the world twenty times over, and it’s continuing to evolve. It is our greatest cultural export.
David Simon
I was born with music inside me
Ray Charles
African American music can’t happen in Germany or in Italy or in Mumbai. If America disappeared off the face of the Earth today, the greatest single cultural loss would be blues, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, rock-and-roll.
David Simon
Society wants to categorize everything, but to me it’s all African-American music.
Johnny Otis
Michael Jackson fundamentally altered the terms of the debate about African American music.
Michael Eric Dyson
I did a little bit to raise the dignity and recognition of the greatness of African-American music.
Ahmet Ertegun