All My Life Quotes

All My Life Quotes by Mickey Rooney, Eliot Sumner, Mr. T, Oscar Wilde, Abhay Deol, Josephine Baker and many others.

I've been stealing scenes all my life.

I’ve been stealing scenes all my life.
Mickey Rooney
Self-sufficiency is vitally important to my self-respect. I never wanted to rely on my parents in that way, because I knew that if I got used to it, I’d be reliant all my life.
Eliot Sumner
This guy Clubber Lang, I’ve been him all my life. He’s mean and hungry just like me.
Mr. T
If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.
Oscar Wilde
At my parents house, there are three dogs. I’ve grown up with these four-legged creatures all my life.
Abhay Deol
All my life, I have maintained that the people of the world can learn to live together in peace if they are not brought up in prejudice.
Josephine Baker
I been in the blues all my life. I’m still delivering ’cause I got a long memory.
Muddy Waters
All my life I’ve had a weight problem. As a child, I loved to eat. I would hide from my mother and drink whole cans of condensed milk in my room.
Maria Conchita Alonso
All my life from a young man I have worked very hard and I enjoyed it very much and I was really afraid with what I would do when I no longer had the responsibility.
Frank Lowy
I’m from New York; I’ve been in show business all my life. I’m a wild and crazy gal, yet I always play these soft, warm, loving earth mothers. It’s a pain in the butt. I’m a femme fatale!
Bonnie Bedelia
I was an only child, and Mother was always right with me all my life. I used to get very angry at her when I was growing up-it’s a natural thing.
Elvis Presley
I’m from a working-class background – I had free school meals all my life and then spent six years in art school.
Cornelia Parker
I have only ever borrowed money for investment. I have been sound money all my life.
Ken Livingstone
I been around negativity all my life. To do something positive, it’s a beautiful thing.
Jay Rock
All my life people have made fun of me because I was so skinny. They kind of made me feel bad about it sometimes. I worried that maybe people will think I am really anorexic.
Evan Rachel Wood
To not sing with an orchestra, to not be able to communicate through my voice, which I’ve done all my life, and not to be able to phrase lyrics and give people that kind of joy, I think I would be totally devastated.
Barbara Walters
I just had a crazy, wild imagination all my life, and science fiction is the greatest outlet for me.
Steven Spielberg