Brotherhood Of Man Quotes

Brotherhood Of Man Quotes by Henry Melvill, Calvin Coolidge, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mark Twain, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X and many others.

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers co

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.
Henry Melvill
Our doctrine of equality and liberty and humanity comes from our belief in the brotherhood of man, through the fatherhood of God.
Calvin Coolidge
I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
In all my travels the thing that has impressed me the most is the universal brotherhood of man-what there is of it.
Mark Twain
Through realization of freedom of India, I hope to realize and carry on the mission of brotherhood of man.
Mahatma Gandhi
Unconditional love will have the final word in reality.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don’t believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn’t want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two-way street.
Malcolm X
The founders of the great world religions, Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Lao-Tzu, Mohammed, all seem to have striven for a worldwide brotherhood of man; but none of them could develop institutions which would include the enemy, the unbeliever.
Geoffrey Gorer
Imagine all the people Sharing all the world.
John Lennon
Its unadulterated belief in the oneness of God and a practical application of the truth of the brotherhood of man for those who are nominally within its fold are two distinctive contributions of Islam.
Mahatma Gandhi
This is the principle of Universal Brotherhood of man with one another, with all life down to the little ants.
Swami Vivekananda
The ideal of brotherhood of man, the building of the Just City, is one that cannot be discarded without lifelong feelings of disappointment and loss. But, if we are to live in the real world, discard it we must.
Kingsley Amis
Either men will learn to live like brothers, or they will die like beasts.
Max Lerner
Develop the feeling of brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God.
Sathya Sai Baba
Of a truth, men are mystically united: a mystic bond of brotherhood makes all men one.
Thomas Carlyle
On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers.
Adlai E. Stevenson
Imagine no possesions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people Sharing all the world.
John Lennon