Central Nervous System Quotes

Central Nervous System Quotes by Daniel Suarez, Darin Strauss, George Crumb, Marshall McLuhan, Lewis Black, George Lois and many others.

Perfect replication is the enemy of any robust system..

Perfect replication is the enemy of any robust system… Lacking a central nervous system much less a brain the parasite is a simple system designed to compromise a very specific target host. The more uniform the host, the more effective the infestation.
Daniel Suarez
I’ve come to see our central nervous system as a kind of vintage switchboard, all thick foam wires and old-fashioned plugs. The circuitry isn’t properly equipped; after a surplus of emotional information the system overloads, the circuit breaks, the board runs dark. That’s what shock is.
Darin Strauss
Perhaps of all the most basic elements of music, rhythm most directly affects our central nervous system.
George Crumb
The electric age … established a global network that has much the character of our central nervous system.
Marshall McLuhan
The wheel is an extension of the foot, the book is an extension of the eye, clothing an extension of the skin, electric circuitry an extension of the central nervous system.
Marshall McLuhan
He smiles so much, I don’t think he has a central nervous system.
Lewis Black
Museums are custodians of epiphanies, and these epiphanies enter the central nervous system and deep recesses of the mind.
George Lois
When it comes to having a central nervous system, and the ability to feel pain, hunger, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.
Ingrid Newkirk
The experience of truth has to be felt on the central nervous system.
Nirmala Srivastava
As scientists you must keep your minds open. There is no use having blind faith in Me, in Sahaja Yoga, in anything because blindness will never give you reality. But you should be open like scientists are and whatever hypothesis I am putting before you, you have to feel it on your central nervous system.
Nirmala Srivastava
Without discipline in spiritual pursuits, the central nervous system doesn’t have a chance to adjust and grow with the increased demand. It would be like putting a high voltage into a small bulb—it is bound to explode.
Sivananda Radha Saraswati
Freedom is when you really get your own powers which are within you.
Nirmala Srivastava
I can say, if I like, that social insects behave like the working parts of an immense central nervous system: the termite colony is an enormous brain on millions of legs; the individual termite is a mobile neurone.
Lewis Thomas
The computer is the most extraordinary of man’s technological clothing; it’s an extension of our central nervous system. Beside it, the wheel is a mere hula-hoop.
Marshall McLuhan
Laughter puts your brain, your central nervous system and your whole being into a state of free play.
Max Eastman
Since with electricity we extend our central nervous system globally, instantly interrelating every human experience.
Marshall McLuhan
You cannot intellectualize the Divine. You have to experience it on your central nervous system.
Nirmala Srivastava