City Of Angels Quotes

City Of Angels Quotes by James Franco, Sean Young, George Noory, Nicolas Cage, Juliette Lewis, Maria Shriver and many others.

Dreams and expectations also have the very dark flipsid

Dreams and expectations also have the very dark flipside of disappointment, broken dreams.
James Franco
The city of angels? It’s the city of devils. The city of smiling cobras.
Sean Young
From the city of angels off the Pacific Ocean. Good morning, good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation, around the world. I’m George Noory. Welcome to America’s most listened-to late night talk show, Coast to Coast AM.
George Noory
Some things are true whether you believe in them or not.
Nicolas Cage
Dreams, they’re what sets us apart from being mere a brain and a body.
Juliette Lewis
We need this city to actually live up to its name-The City of Angels. We need to spread our wings. We need to show that we are more than red carpets, we are more than Hollywood, that we are a city ourselves of open arms. We are a city of generosity and compassion.
Maria Shriver
Perhaps the greatest danger of our global community is that the person in LA thinks he knows Cambodia because he’s seen The Killing Fields on-screen, and the newcomer from Cambodia thinks he knows LA because he’s seen City of Angels on video.
Pico Iyer
When I play supernatural characters in ‘Ghost Rider’ or ‘City Of Angels,’ the possibilities are limitless. The possibilities are endless, you can do so much with that.
Nicolas Cage
What you don’t know about women is alot.
Olympia Dukakis
The City of Angels is a microcosm of the world, and so living in L.A. makes me feel like a citizen of the world.
Tavis Smiley