Closing Your Eyes Quotes

Closing Your Eyes Quotes by Pipilotti Rist, Morgan Freeman, Hiromu Arakawa, Brandon Mull, Andrew Vachss, Justin Bieber and many others.

When I close my eyes, my imagination roams free. In the

When I close my eyes, my imagination roams free. In the same way I want to create spaces for video art that rethink the very nature of the medium itself. I want to discover new ways of configuring the world, both the world outside and the world within
Pipilotti Rist
Being blind is as simple as closing your eyes. The blind don’t act any different than you or I. You never see a blind person going around saying, ‘I’m blind.’ So if you want to play blind just close your eyes and keep them closed and fare thee well.
Morgan Freeman
Even when our eyes are closed, there’s a whole world that exists outside ourselves and our dreams.
Hiromu Arakawa
Running toward danger is foolhardy. … But so is closing your eyes to it. Many perils become less dangerous once you understand their potential hazards.
Brandon Mull
If a train is coming at you, closing your eyes won’t save you … but if you look right at it, you at least have a chance to jump.
Andrew Vachss
What makes the perfect kiss? Closing your eyes when you kiss is important. Or lifting up the leg, but that’s more of a girl thing, I’m manly. Passion is good! She brings out the best in me. (Selena)
Justin Bieber
Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.
Anthony Doerr
Small is the number of them that see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.
Albert Einstein
Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be. Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.
Erich Fromm
A passionately lived life is not always comfortable. Going for it involves being open to all of life – the joys, the sorrows, the mundane as well and the magic, the splendid victories, the most abject defeats. You might even stop closing your eyes during the scary parts of the movie.
Nicholas Lore
Look at light and admire its beauty. Close your eyes, and then look again: what you saw is no longer there; and what you will see later is not yet.
Leonardo da Vinci
When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.
Desmond Tutu
I don’t seem to require a lot of sleep. I just – if I get four, five good hours, I’m fine. But sleeping is sort of dull. There’s a lot of other good stuff that you can do without just lying down and closing your eyes.
Betty White
[My father] advised me to sit every few months in my reading chair for an entire evening, close my eyes and try to think of new problems to solve. I took his advice very seriously and have been glad ever since that he did.
Luis Walter Alvarez
Spiritual process is not about chanting a mantra or closing your eyes, spiritual process is essentially about enhancing your perception.
Jaggi Vasudev
No matter what’s happening in your life, you can change the trajectory of events by closing your eyes, reviewing your thought and behavior, and sending love wherever you’ve been withholding it.
Marianne Williamson
Faith, joy, optimism. But not the folly of closing your eyes to reality.
Josemaria Escriva