Communism And Fascism Quotes

Communism And Fascism Quotes by Frank Capra, James A.C. Brown, Frank Lloyd Wright, Leonard Read, Jacob G. Hornberger, Friedrich August von Hayek and many others.

Things own you. That's the trouble with capitalism. Thi

Things own you. That’s the trouble with capitalism. Things own you. With communism and fascism – ideas own you. One idea and you can’t have any other.
Frank Capra
Communism and fascism or nazism, although poles apart in their intellectual content, are similar in this, that both have emotional appeal to the type of personality that takes pleasure in being submerged in a mass movement and submitting to superior authority.
James A.C. Brown
Democracy is the opposite of totalitarianism, communism, fascism, or mobocracy.
Frank Lloyd Wright
What, actually, is the difference between communism and fascism? Both are forms of statism, authoritarianism. The only difference between Stalin’s communism and Mussolini’s fascism is an insignificant detail in organizational structure.
Leonard Read
There is no difference in principle, … between the economic philosophy of Nazism, socialism, communism, and fascism and that of the American welfare state and regulated economy.
Jacob G. Hornberger
Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion.
Friedrich August von Hayek