Conscious And Unconscious Quotes

Conscious And Unconscious Quotes by Carl Jung, Nora Ephron, Bong Joon-ho, Frederick Lenz, Edward Hirsch, Friedrich Nietzsche and many others.

The unconscious is not just evil by nature, it is also

The unconscious is not just evil by nature, it is also the source of the highest good: not only dark but also light, not only bestial, semihuman, and demonic but superhuman, spiritual, and, in the classical sense of the word, “divine.”
Carl Jung
So many of the conscious and unconscious ways men and women treat each other have to do with romantic and sexual fantasies that are deeply ingrained, not just in society but in literature. The women’s movement may manage to clean up the mess in society, but I don’t know whether it can ever clean up the mess in our minds.
Nora Ephron
The multilevel, the conscious and the unconscious, is natural when I write scripts, when I come up with ideas and stories.
Bong Joon-ho
Women must work doubly hard to overcome their conditioning in order to become enlightened. They must erase both conscious and unconscious ideas of sexual inferority that have been programmed into their awareness.
Frederick Lenz
The self is not only the centre but also the whole circumference which embraces both conscious and unconscious; it is the centre of this totality, just as the ego is the centre of consciousness.
Carl Jung
The imagination is an organ of understanding. And the imagination needs all the faculties at hand, all the sensibility, all the conscious and unconscious intelligence it can galvanize to fulfill its luminous mission.
Edward Hirsch
Every extension of knowledge arises from making the conscious the unconscious.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Acting isn’t something you do. Instead of doing it, it occurs. If you’re going to start with logic, you might as well give up. You can have conscious preparation, but you have unconscious results.
Marilyn Monroe
Clear thinking at the wrong moment can stifle creativity.
Karl Lagerfeld
Properly speaking, the unconscious is the real psychic; its inner nature is just as unknown to us as the reality of the external world, and it is just as imperfectly reported to us through the data of consciousness as is the external world through the indications of our sensory organs.
Sigmund Freud
When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.
Carl Jung
Designers must be both conscious and unconscious at the same time. Clear thinking at the wrong moment can stifle talent.
Karl Lagerfeld
Our inner weighing of evidence is not a careful mathematical calculation resulting in a probabilistic estimate of truth, but more like a whirlpool blending of the objective and the personal. The result is a set of beliefs – both conscious and unconscious – that guide us in interpreting all the events of our lives.
Leonard Mlodinow
The connection between conscious and unconscious poses particular problems in the dancer because the body is the soul of action.
Marion Woodman
A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.
Neale Donald Walsch
A shoe that fits one person pinches another.
Alex Flinn
Here’s what the right-wing has in, there’s no shortage of the natural resources of ignorance, apathy, hate, fear. As long as those things are in the collective conscious and unconscious, the Republicans will have some votes.
Janeane Garofalo