Cops And Robbers Quotes

Cops And Robbers Quotes by Eric Hernandez, Broderick Crawford, Lloyd Bridges, Chris O’Donnell, Joe Mantegna, Amy Lee and many others.

Once I became a cop. I dived into that career. I never

Once I became a cop. I dived into that career. I never wanted to be an LAPD officer because I thought ‘LA is super dangerous, not the place I’d want to be a cop’. But as a boy of course I was into guns, cops and robbers, so that’s why it was cool to me and thought ‘Yeah I could do this job’.
Eric Hernandez
I’ve made upwards of a million bucks in the cops and robbers business.
Broderick Crawford
Sea Hunt was the first time anyone tackled a show that took place underwater. The stories were sort of exciting for kids, like cops and robbers underwater.
Lloyd Bridges
You have a couple of buddies sleep over, and, you know, you play cops and robbers. That I’m getting paid to do it now is kind of funny.
Chris O’Donnell
There’s good and evil going on. We have cops. We have robbers.
Joe Mantegna
Inspiration comes in the middle of the night when you should be doing homework.
Amy Lee
I’m living every ten-year-old boy’s fantasy. The other day, Chris and I had this big scene where we had to pull out our guns, and I was thinking, ‘Here we are in New York City – a place where every actor wants to be – and we are literally playing cops and robbers. How great is that?’
Mariska Hargitay
It’s always fun to play cops and robbers.
Timothy Olyphant
In the middle of the night, when you’re ambiguously ethnic, like me, when you’re brown, beige, mauve, siena, one of those lighter browns in the Crayola box. You have to be careful of the cops and robbers, because nobody’s quite sure what you are, but everybody has assumptions.
Sherman Alexie
I played cops and robbers and pirates and all the rest when I was a kid, but I didn’t want to grow up and be an actor and play cops and robbers and pirates. I wanted to grow up and be that, be cops and robbers and pirates.
James Spader
In the domain of cops and robbers, an interdiction serves to structure a black market and a shadow economy.
William Irwin Thompson
I’ve always been, in games, the bad guy. If there was ever cops and robbers I was always a robber.
Jake M. Johnson