Differences Of Opinion Quotes

Differences Of Opinion Quotes by Mark Twain, Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Brooks Atkinson, Laurence Sterne, Paolo Gentiloni, Robert Mueller and many others.

It is not best that we should all think alike; it is a

It is not best that we should all think alike; it is a difference of opinion that makes horse races.
Mark Twain
If a fool keeps his mouth shut, there will be no difference of opinion.
Muhammad Taqi Usmani
We tolerate differences of opinion in people who are familiar to us. But differences of opinion in people we do not know sound like heresy or plots.
Brooks Atkinson
It appears an extraordinary thing to me, that since there is such a diabolical spirit in the depravity of human nature, as persecution for difference of opinion in religious tenets, there never happened to be any inquisition, any auto da fe, any crusade, among the Pagans.
Laurence Sterne
There are differences of opinion, especially when it comes to economic and financial policy. But when it comes to foreign and especially immigration policy, we are in agreement. No other countries in Europe are closer to each other in this regard than Italy and Germany.
Paolo Gentiloni
I would say in just about every investigation we have, there will be differences of opinion, where you have partial facts, as to what those facts mean.
Robert Mueller
Europe is a democracy and differences of opinion are part of it.
Jean-Claude Juncker
The opinions of men are not the object of civil government, nor under its jurisdiction.
Thomas Jefferson
When you start creating opinion, and you start creating difference of opinion, you’re doing something. People are actually sitting down and critiquing. A lot of the stuff people hate, they really don’t. They only look at the outer shell. They don’t really get into it.
Lupe Fiasco
Let us show the world that a difference of opinion upon medical subjects is not incompatible with medical friendships; and in so doing, let us throw the whole odium of the hostility of physicians to each other upon their competition for business and money.
Benjamin Rush
I’d clash with my dad over other things, you know, like difference of opinion and me getting testosterone, you know what I’m saying? Me feeling like I’m a little tough, being a teenager. But my big brother would come in drunk and really, really try my dad and I didn’t want to do that.
Ryan Montgomery
But every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle. We have been called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.
Thomas Jefferson
I do not say this, that I think there should be no difference of opinions in conversation, nor opposition in men’s discourses… ‘Tis not the owning one’s dissent from another, that I speak against, but the manner of doing it.
John Locke
Difference of opinion leads to inquiry, and inquiry to the truth.
Thomas Jefferson
Mature people never make difference of opinion a means of conflict.
Fethullah Gulen
Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.
Thomas Jefferson
I think we Americans tend to put too high a price on unanimity, as if there were something dangerous and illegitimate about honest differences of opinion honestly expressed by honest men.
J. William Fulbright