Dinner With Friends Quotes

Dinner With Friends Quotes by Martina Hingis, Christopher Titus, David Brooks, Yochai Benkler, Dalai Lama, Carla Gugino and many others.

When I was 4 my mother got divorced and we were very cl

When I was 4 my mother got divorced and we were very close to each other. I always wanted to be with her. She took me everywhere. When she went for dinner with friends or when they had meetings at the tennis club, I was always there.
Martina Hingis
My mom was crazy. And her mom was crazy. And her mom’s mom was crazy. Is it my turn? Am I going to live the rest of my life giggling at raindrops, wearing paper slippers ? When I go to dinner with friends, should I not use a fork ’cause I just might snap? Hey, you guys look great. How’s the baby?
Christopher Titus
The daily activity that contributes most to happiness is having dinner with friends. The daily activity that detracts most from happiness is commuting. Eat more. Commute less.
David Brooks
Money isn’t always the best motivator. If you leave a $50 check after dinner with friends, you don’t increase the probability of being invited back.
Yochai Benkler
Religion is like going out to dinner with friends. Everyone may order something different, but everyone can still sit at the same table.
Dalai Lama
My favorite thing is to have a big dinner with friends and talk about life.
Carla Gugino