Direct And Indirect Quotes

Direct And Indirect Quotes by Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Alice Mattison, William E. Gladstone, Isaiah Berlin, R. James Woolsey, Jr., Joe Kyrillos and many others.

This year I hope to introduce legislation that would re

This year I hope to introduce legislation that would require Power Administrations to list direct and indirect costs associated with ESA compliance as a line item on customer’s power bills.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
When an editor first explained to me the difference between direct and indirect writing, I just thought it was a stylistic choice.
Alice Mattison
Economy is the first and great article (economy such as I understand it) in my financial creed. The controversy between direct and indirect taxation holds a minor, though important place.
William E. Gladstone
The most passionate, consistent, extreme and implacable enemy of the Enlightenment and … all forms of rationalism … was Johann Georg Hamann. His influence, direct and indirect, upon the romantic revolt against universalism and scientific method … was considerable and perhaps crucial.
Isaiah Berlin
Countries are effectively paid deference in direct and indirect ways if they’re huge oil suppliers.
R. James Woolsey, Jr.
I was the chief sponsor of the Business Employment Incentive Program bill, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs here in New Jersey.
Joe Kyrillos
As I said, this [repercussions] may take different forms : direct and indirect. Direct when people want to retaliate, or governments. Indirect when you’re going to have instability and the spread of terrorism all over the region that will influence the west directly.
Bashar al-Assad