Falling In Love Again Quotes

Falling In Love Again Quotes by Naoko Takeuchi, Dorothy Parker, Laura Lee, Mahatma Gandhi, Cecelia Ahern, Robin Wayne Bailey and many others.

Endymion, you are my first love, my only love... even i

Endymion, you are my first love, my only love… even if we’re reborn, in another life, we’ll find each other… and then… We’ll fall in love again… – Princess Serenity
Naoko Takeuchi
I shudder at the thought of men…. I’m due to fall in love again
Dorothy Parker
I’ve been in love and it doesn’t last. And when it’s over, it’s hell for a while. And then one discovers that life goes on. Eventually, one falls in love again. This pattern repeats itself until one is too jaded to believe in it anymore, or too old for all the upheaval.
Laura Lee
Where there is love there is life.
Mahatma Gandhi
Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you…and remember, shoot for the moon.
Cecelia Ahern
The greatest act of courage is not falling in love But, despite everything, falling in love again.
Robin Wayne Bailey
It’s hard asking someone with a broken heart to fall in love again.
Eric Kripke
I’ll never fall in love again… it’s like having two souls at the same time.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
What failure ofimagination had caused me to forget that life was full of other possiblities, including the possibility that eventually I would fall in love again?
Nora Ephron
I would like to fall in love again but my only hope is that love doesn’t happen to me so often after this. I don’t want to get so used to falling in love that i get curious to experience something more extreme – whatever that may be.
Douglas Coupland
I’m not saying I am never going to fall in love again, but there is no need to marry.
Salman Rushdie
Even now – in the final hour of my life – I’m falling in love again.
Steven Morrissey
Love is just a piece of time
in the world
in the world
And I couldn’t help but fall in love again
Zooey Deschanel
I couldn’t imagine that I’d ever fall in love again like I had with Gideon. For better or worse, he was my soulmate. The other half of me. In many ways, he was my reflection.
Sylvia Day
It took a long time, but my heart now feels full when I think of him. When you fall in love again—which I have—it’s funny the other things that come back in with that open-ness. You have this ghost chorus of the lovers who came before, but they’re benign now, they’re good spirits.
Emma Forrest
There were real reasons that you were attracted to somebody originally. The brain doesn’t pick willy-nilly. Unless you part ways hating each other for some reason, that mechanism could get triggered again. You can literally fall in love again.
Helen Fisher
Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child.
Tina Brown