Fast Food Restaurants Quotes

Fast Food Restaurants Quotes by Stephen Neal, Leah LaBelle, Mario Batali, David Rolf, Misha Collins, Bill de Blasio and many others.

MY TOUGHEST MATCH; is not on the mat. It's at the dinne

MY TOUGHEST MATCH; is not on the mat. It’s at the dinner table and it’s at fast food restaurants. It’s hearing about the party I can Never go to. It’s realizing being a Great Wrestler isn’t a sport, It’s a LIFE.
Stephen Neal
I just love food, especially my mom’s Bulgarian cooking. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food restaurant. I also love Italian food.
Leah LaBelle
Just because you eat doesn’t mean you eat smart. It’s hard to beat a $1.99 wing pack of three at a fast-food restaurant – it’s so cheap – but that wing pack isn’t feeding anyone, it’s just pushing hunger back an hour.
Mario Batali
The minimum wage isn’t earned only by people working at fast food restaurants and in service industry work – the average income for positions like nursing assistants, preschool teachers and paramedics are all under $15.
David Rolf
I think participating in “Gishwhes” is a crash course in facing our fears: people go to crowded shopping malls wearing scuba gear, order from a fast food restaurant in Shakespearean verse or jump out of airplanes among many other tasks.
Misha Collins
If we can have a fast food restaurant on almost every corner,
then we can certainly have a garden.
Bill de Blasio
I don’t go to fast food restaurants anymore. That’s out.
Mike Conley, Jr.
I lost about 60 pounds. I don’t really have a moment specifically that made me do it. I remember little things, like, when I was in Japan, I remember looking around at the portion sizes of a fast food restaurant and being like, ‘Well, this has something to do with it.’ Americans definitely eat too much.
Patrick Stump
A generation ago, three-quarters of the money used to buy food in the United States was spent to prepare meals at home. Today about half of the money used to buy food is spent at restaurants–mainly at fast food restaurants.
Eric Schlosser
[The ‘corporate takeover of people’s lives’] also accounts for a lot of homogenization of culture. There are fast food restaurants everywhere. Every place tastes the same.
Ani DiFranco