Friday The 13th Quotes

Friday The 13th Quotes by Big Daddy Kane, Dario Argento, Mohsin Hamid, Redman, Ricky Schroder, Neil deGrasse Tyson and many others.

Friday the 13th...I'mma play Jason!

Friday the 13th…I’mma play Jason!
Big Daddy Kane
I used a Luma crane, a wounderful device; it makes the camera able to go anywhere. It was also used on Friday the 13th Part 3.
Dario Argento
Pakistan now is like a horror film franchise. You know, it’s ‘Friday the 13th, Episode 63: The Terrorist from Pakistan.’ And each time we hear of Pakistan it’s in that context.
Mohsin Hamid
I’m like an eclipse on a Friday the 13th, With black cats and Haley’s Comet, Blazin’ blunts in my driveway.
I love horror. I love ‘The Shining,’ ‘Friday the 13th,’ ‘Halloween,’ all those kinds of things. I love zombies, especially ’28 Days Later’ and ’28 Weeks Later,’ where the zombies are going faster than the George Romero ones. I love being scared; there’s something that’s awesome about your heart rate going up like that.
Ricky Schroder
On Friday the 13th, April 2029, an asteroid large enough to fill the Rose Bowl as though it were an egg cup will fly so close to Earth that it will dip below the altitude of our communication satellites. We did not name this asteroid Bambi. Instead, we named it Apophis, after the Egyptian god of darkness and death.
Neil deGrasse Tyson