Getting Dressed Up Quotes

Getting Dressed Up Quotes by Jessie J, Paul Dano, Gwen Stefani, Truman Capote, Greta Garbo, Candace Cameron and many others.

I love getting dressed up, but I want to be remembered

I love getting dressed up, but I want to be remembered for my singing.
Jessie J
I went to tranny bars and kind of got used to being around that and then getting dressed up.
Paul Dano
If I wasn’t even famous or had any success, I would still wake up and put tons of make-up on, and put on a cool outfit. That’s always been who I’ve been my whole life, so that’s never gonna change. I love fashion. I love getting dressed up. I love Halloween, too.
Gwen Stefani
The good thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to get dressed up for it.
Truman Capote
I don’t want to be a silly temptress. I cannot see any sense in getting dressed up and doing nothing but tempting men in pictures.
Greta Garbo
I’m a mom, so I have to be comfortable. Jeans are a staple – I have way too many in my closet! It’s warm in Florida, so I wear jeans and a tank top every day. I love my True Religions, my Rich and Skinny, and Citizens of Humanity. But I also love getting dressed up!
Candace Cameron
Sylvester wins, obviously [best actor in a supporting role in 2016]. That’s the whole point of this. We’re all getting dressed up to go to the Oscars to hear Sylvester Stallone, let no one get this twisted. The academy can’t pay for a better moment than this: this is the Oscar’s original darling.
Bun B
It’s going to take generations of gay people marrying before these things start to feel natural. We haven’t had it long enough to remake it as our own, so it does feel like you’re getting dressed up in straight drag to do it.
Dan Savage
I love getting dressed up and having someone do my make-up and feeling pretty.
Amanda Peet
I love looking through magazines, and you know, I love getting dressed up to go to events and stuff.
Mandy Moore
It’s fun to be a girl, and get dressed up, but that’s not how I really am.
Sung-Hi Lee
My favorite thing about doing photo shoots is just being able to have fun, meeting new people, getting dressed up, and I just love doing it. So, I have a lot of fun.
Kendall Jenner
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
Regina Brett
I really hate the duties of being a celebrity, like getting dressed up for the red carpet.
America Ferrera
No matter how you feel today, get up, dress up & show up
Paulo Coelho
We love getting dressed up – and this is a great excuse for a party.
Nicola Roberts
Maybe I exclude myself from that genre by not getting dressed up often enough, by acting ghetto most of the time, and running around in sweats and Timberlands.
Michelle Rodriguez