Go For It Quotes

Go For It Quotes by Richard Roundtree, Devin Townsend, Jerry Lewis, Amy Adams, Jason Mraz, John Lewis and many others.

When you go into a film, you read it, and something cli

When you go into a film, you read it, and something clicks for you, and you like it, and you sign on for it; you go for it. You know that this is going to be a good film, and that is your best hope. Past that, it’s a crap shoot – you roll the dice.
Richard Roundtree
Luckily, my creative juices are pretty much on tap. If I’m compelled to do something, I can go for it and get it done.
Devin Townsend
I happen to believe in the human condition so strongly that I don’t have to make up games to play with people. Here’s what I think: If it’s good, let’s go for it. If it needs work to be better, let’s work on it.
Jerry Lewis
Moving out to L.A. for me was a leap of faith. I was very secure in my dinner theater world; I loved it, and I was just like, ‘I think there’s something else out there for me and I just have to go for it.’
Amy Adams
Well, I’ve been happily supporting myself for ten years now on the hustle and trade of live entertainment. I guess my breakthrough moment was when I decided to go for it once and for all.
Jason Mraz
I say to people today, ‘You must be prepared if you believe in something. If you believe in something, you have to go for it. As individuals, we may not live to see the end.’
John Lewis
If I’m going to try to achieve something, regardless of how tough it might and the obstacles I face, I grit my teeth and go for it or I don’t do it at all. It’s about reaching the goals you’ve set with the opportunities you’ve been given.
Nicolas Hamilton
Something that’s good in the mini-culture of ‘Happy Endings’ is that the goal is to try and make each other laugh. There is a pretty high bar, and you want to make the writers laugh, and you want to elevate what’s already great material – and also, we’re like, ‘Who is even watching this? Let’s just go for it.’
Casey Wilson
Luck is something you find, or you go for it.
Thiago Alcantara
I have done several films and it is only if the character appeals to me, whether as a hero or as a second hero, that I go for it. That’s been my attitude toward films.
Biju Menon
If I get a chance to dress up, I really go for it.
Annabelle Wallis
I’m the sort of actor who doesn’t really prep a lot – I don’t do a lot of research for parts. I just go for it, and I usually pull through.
Keir Gilchrist
I really enjoy playing villains, whether they’re realistic like Switchblade Sam or whether they’re a bit more over-the-top like Kruge in ‘Star Trek III’ or Judge Doom in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit.’ It’s sort of a license just to be as bad as the script allows you to be – you can just go for it and have fun.
Christopher Lloyd
I started every match knowing that this could be my day. It’s like in life; you can have a bad business idea, but then you have a new one the next day and you just go for it.
Mario Kempes
I haven’t been in a position to have the luxury to pick roles for most of my career, so I’m not practiced in that. Usually, when you want to be an actor, you take whatever comes along. If there’s an audition, you go for it. If you get the job, you do it – just to get experience, to act, to meet people.
Ken Leung
I’m a big French fry girl. I try to avoid them, but sometimes you just need to indulge, so I go for it!
Doutzen Kroes
I was looking for help with styling my hair and was really struggling to find it, and I have very much been of the mind that if you see a need for something, and you can create it yourself, then go for it, so I started creating content around beauty.
Franchesca Ramsey