Hands Of God Quotes

Hands Of God Quotes by Elaine A. Cannon, Joni Eareckson Tada, Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire, William McFee, Mother Teresa, Alexandre Dumas and many others.

A search of one's life and soul will reveal the hand of

A search of one’s life and soul will reveal the hand of God. The outpouring of his blessings come with our afflictions, not in spite of them. Afflictions be praised!
Elaine A. Cannon
A broken life in the hands of God is ripe for blessing.
Joni Eareckson Tada
Christianity is not a law of bondage; and if it respect the hand of God which sometimes raises up tyrants, it draws up where obedience degenerates into guilty cowardice.
Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
A trouble is a trouble, and the general idea, in the country, is to treat it as such, rather than to snatch the knotted cords from the hand of God and deal out murderous blows.
William McFee
They too, are created by the same loving hand of God which Created us…It is our duty to Protect Them and to promote their well-being.
Mother Teresa
Tell the angel who will watch over your life to pray now and then for a man who, like Satan, believed himself for an instant to be equal to God, but who realized in all humility that supreme power and wisdom are in the hands of God alone.
Alexandre Dumas
“A creative life is not just for those fictional few who are “touched by the hand of God.” We are all touched by the hand of God.”
Joseph Curiale
It is great to love life. Accept life as a precious gift from the hand of God and strive to make the most of it.
Wilferd Peterson
The more we learn about the wonders of our universe, the more clearly we are going to perceive the hand of God.
Frank Borman
Sometimes prayer moves the hand of God, and sometimes prayer changes the heart of the person who is praying.
Mark Driscoll
I have only to be true to the highest I know – success or failure is in the hand of God.
E. Stanley Jones
Faith is obscure. By faith a man moves through darkness; but he moves securely, his hand in the hand of God. He is literally seeing through the eyes of God.
Walter Farrell
God’s the final judge for Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash too. That’s solely in the hands of God.
Johnny Cash
God’s miracles are to be found in nature itself; the wind and waves, the wood that becomes a tree – all of these are explained biologically, but behind them is the hand of God.
Ronald Reagan
Struggle is the meaning of life; defeat or victory is in the hands of God. But struggle itself is man’s duty and should be his joy.
Aga Khan III
There is only one line of sight that will bring order to all our life and work: a vision of Christ seated at the right hand of God the Father, ruling with all justice and mercy.В  Our influence only means something if it is plotted along that trajectory, and our work ultimately leads people to that same goal.
Mel Lawrenz
All paths lie together in the hand of god like a web endlessly woven, and yours and mine are no greater or less than the beetle’s or the squirrel’s or the sparrow’s. All are held together.
Daniel Quinn