Healthy Body Image Quotes

Healthy Body Image Quotes by Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Donna Air, Sofia Vergara, Simone de Beauvoir, Erin Heatherton and many others.

I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be

I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be toned everywhere. I might struggle in this area or that. But accepting that just empowers me.
Kim Kardashian
I have learned more and more to enjoy my body when I have a few extra pounds on, just being more voluptuous.
I’ve been a skinny girl my whole life. I just don’t sit down – I’m always on the go. It must be down to the genes. We have a healthy body image in my house and great appetites. It’d be hard for you to find a food I don’t love.
Donna Air
Confidence is sexy! I’m comfortable with my body and not afraid to show it off
Sofia Vergara
To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.
Simone de Beauvoir
Healthy body image is not something that youre going to learn from fashion magazines.
Erin Heatherton
It’s incredibly difficult to keep a healthy body image in this business.
Courtney Thorne Smith
I obviously want to give a healthy body image to my own daughter. I think having good examples, eating properly, that’s all one can do – and just be really loving around her. I’ve tried to give her confidence in who she is. I think she’s all right in the confidence department.
Geri Halliwell
I try not to be neurotic; I try to create and present healthy body image.
Kimora Lee Simmons