Help The Poor Quotes

Help The Poor Quotes by Rowan Williams, Newt Gingrich, Donna Brazile, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Joseph Pulitzer and many others.

To help the poor to a capacity for action and liberty i

To help the poor to a capacity for action and liberty is something essential for one’s own health as well as theirs: there is a needful gift they have to offer which cannot be offered so long as they are confined by poverty.
Rowan Williams
I will continue to find ways to help poor people find a job, get a job, and learn someday to own the job.
Newt Gingrich
I can tell you about Hillary Clinton’s heart. This is a woman, who, after law school, went down to my native South. She went down, after graduating from Yale Law School, to help poor kids, to help disabled kids.
Donna Brazile
The notion that college education is a cost-effective way to help poor, low-skill, unmarried mothers with high school diplomas or GEDs move up the economic ladder is just wrong.
Rick Santorum
It would help the poor people who need jobs. Minimum wage is a mandate. We’re against mandates so why should we have it? It would be very beneficial.
Ron Paul
My especial object is to help the poor; the rich can help themselves. I believe in self-made men.
Joseph Pulitzer
This is to assuage our conscience, darling” she would explain to Blanca. “But it doesn’t help the poor. They don’t need chartiy; they need justice.
Isabel Allende
If we want to help poor people out, one way to do that is to help them explore and use their own capability. Human being is full of capacity, full of capability, it’s a wonderful creation, but many people never get a chance to explore that, never know that she or he has that.
Muhammad Yunus
A liberal was somebody who expected and hoped that government would help the poor – you know, that whole routine. I did not know then and I’ve learned since that in an area that means a lot to me, free speech, liberals are as bad as many conservatives in trying to censor speech.
Nat Hentoff
You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
William J. H. Boetcker
We often have an exaggerated sense of what nonprofits and governments are doing to help the poor, but the really inspiring thing is how much the poor are doing to help themselves.
Katherine Boo
Quite often when you help poor people, they don’t think about the environment. They think about survival.
Wangari Maathai
Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.
When you help the poorest in the world, you start to move them up an economic and social ladder, and they’re not going to be moving toward violence or terrorism of the kind that we worry about.
Colin Powell
I know I could never forgive myself if I elected to live without humane purpose, without trying to help the poor and unfortunate, without recognizing that perhaps the purest joy in life comes with trying to help others.
Arthur Ashe
An empty stomach is not a good political adviser.
Albert Einstein
Poverty is the worst form of violence.
Mahatma Gandhi