I Still Believe Quotes

I Still Believe Quotes by Ramez Naam, Leslie Pietrzyk, Carole King, Helen Mirren, Rufus Wainwright, Joni Mitchell and many others.

I was much more of a naГЇve techno-optimist than I am no

I was much more of a naГЇve techno-optimist than I am now. I still believe that technology can help us come out of this situation with a richer humanity with less impact on the planet, but now I think it has to be paired with effective policy in order to achieve that.
Ramez Naam
My only obligation as a fiction writer is to the story, to make it good, so good the busy reader doesn’t feel that flipping those pages was a waste of time. And I still believe that.
Leslie Pietrzyk
I still believe that everyone is beautiful in some way and by seeing the beauty in others we make ourselves more beautiful.
Carole King
I remember thinking, when I was in my early 30s, that this is the best age to be, and I still believe your 30s are a wonderful time.
Helen Mirren
I still believe that love is the most powerful force in the world, even though I am yet to experience it fully.
Rufus Wainwright
I still believe in the power of the word, that words inspire.
Joni Mitchell
I still believe that music is healing to some extent.
Jake Shimabukuro
I still believe one of the most important choices is how we treat others. What good does it do you to build a huge muscular, impressive body if you are small and underdeveloped on the inside?  I’ve always felt that success begins on the inside and reaching our true potential gets blocked when we are small-spirited.
Rich Gaspari
I guess I’m not jaded because I still believe that there are good films out there, and there are great directors, and there are great writers. It just takes a little bit more perseverance and a little bit more time to find [them].
Elijah Wood
My final comment is that I still believe this man [John D. Rockefeller] is corrupt and he used unfair ways to become wealthy, all he cared about was his money and wasn’t considered.
Ida Tarbell
I always said God was against art and I still believe it. Anything obscene or trivial is blessed in this world and has a reward – I ask for no reward – only to live & to hear my work.
Edward Elgar
I still believe in peace, love and understanding.
John Lennon
When I was younger, I dreaded having to write. I would find every possible excuse not to sit down at the typewriter (this was a long time ago). As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to enjoy putting sentences together, though I still believe that writing, unlike sex, is always better after you’re through.
Gustavo Perez Firmat
I still believe in rock and roll, it pays my bills.
Jimmy Buffett
I still believe that you truly find yourself not in travel, but in other human souls.
Emma Forrest
In the future, I want to be consistent from Day 1. We’re still making adjustments. I still believe that I can be better.
Johan Santana
I still believe pattern fascinates on its own. And three-sevenths of a pattern, or even a smaller fragment, can fascinate still more–get us really hunkering down, trying to tease out the whole of the figure in the carpet.
Samuel R. Delany