Joining The Army Quotes

Joining The Army Quotes by Dylan Thomas, Cleve Jones, John Candy, Tim Wu, Pete Hautman, Peter P. Mahoney and many others.

Join the army and see the next world.

Join the army and see the next world.
Dylan Thomas
I am old school, I joined the gay liberation movement in 1972. If you had told me in 1972 that in the year 2009 I would be campaigning for the right to join the army or get married I think I would have started dating women at that time.
Cleve Jones
I thought to myself, “Join the army!” It’s free. So I figured while I’m here I’ll lose a few pounds.
John Candy
In fact, the big steps forward for advertising, especially after World War I were when government just began employing the tools of advertising for its own purposes to get people to join the army and other things.
Tim Wu
We were defined by what we did. What we had to do. I think this is why guys like football, and why they join the army, because as long as you are playing the game or following orders you do not have to figure out who you really are.
Pete Hautman
I was very religious when I was younger. I went to a seminary for three years, studied to be a priest, and um, so that sort of natural idealism just um sort of carried over into my feelings about joining the army.
Peter P. Mahoney
Sixteen- and 17-year-olds pay taxes and can join the army, so surely they should in turn be given their right to vote.
Lucy Powell
If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.
Charles Rangel
I guess if you’re stupid enough to join the army without thinking about getting shot at, then you really are a fool.
James Blunt
I do not think that any self-respecting radical in history would have considered advocating people’s rights to get married, join the Army, and earn a living as a terribly inspiring revolutionary platform.
Barney Frank
Yeah, I know I should be fighting for gay rights, but who wants to join the army or get married anyway?
John Waters
There’s no such thing as too far. If it works it’s funny, if it doesn’t work it’s too far, it’s stupid. Really there’s no such thing as “too far.” You’re joining the politically correct when you use words like “too far.” You don’t want to join the army of politically correct.
Mel Brooks
It’s nonsense that people join the army to serve the country, like the politicians do it only for the sake of the country.
Sam Manekshaw
So when I told my parents I wanted to go into acting because I was flunking out of my first year of junior college, they were relieved that I had picked something other than joining the army. But I can’t imagine how they had high hopes for me.
Dustin Hoffman
My father was furious with me, absolutely furious. I’m sure he wouldn’t have been so mad if I’d have volunteered to join the army. Anything but this. He couldn’t believe it. I agree with him: It wasn’t a viable career opportunity.
Mick Jagger
It was 1943. The U.S. had already entered World War II, so I decided to join the army.
Lloyd Alexander
The moment that you have a child – that you know that when he’ll turn 18, he’ll join the Army and go there for three years of compulsory service – then you can’t help yourself of thinking about the future – speculating about it, dreading it or even being – trying to be more active to change it and improve it.
Etgar Keret