Just For Fun Quotes

Just For Fun Quotes by Emraan Hashmi, Mads Mikkelsen, Rafael Nadal, Brian Henson, Sally Mann, Dr. Seuss and many others.

I burned down my backyard as a seven-year-old. I poured

I burned down my backyard as a seven-year-old. I poured kerosene over dried leaves and set the whole place on fire, just for fun. Yeah, not a very normal thing to do.
Emraan Hashmi
I think the days are over where we were okay with bad guys just doing the pirate laugh and eating kids just for fun. There has to be a goal, you know? They have to have a point, and they have to make sense.
Mads Mikkelsen
Stay healthy, do sports and above all have fun while doing sport. Competing or just for fun, whatever, simply enjoy and try your best. Working hard, working well with achievable goals normally pays off. Believe in the people that are with you and listen to those who have more experience.
Rafael Nadal
I thought, well, if we’re inviting an audience, let’s do it right. So I put in a proper studio audience at our studios in Los Angeles and it was just a little showcase and it was just for fun.
Brian Henson
These dog bones are just making art the way art should be made, without any overarching reference. Just for fun, if you can imagine that-art for fun.
Sally Mann
If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.
Dr. Seuss
My partner sometimes liked to go into the studio and improvise voice things just for fun. When I returned from England I transcribed one of her melodies, and had some of the hospice participants sing it, because they said they liked to sing. Their singing is very raw, but I’m going to use it for the final work.
Meredith Monk
In my game, there are a lot of nine-hour flights here, there, and everywhere for work, so I prefer to take a shorter plane journey somewhere hot – just for fun.
Katie Price
A lot of student directors used to pick other students to be in their graduate films, so. I ended up doing a couple of them just for fun. Eventually, I got an agent through a friend and I did some commercials; then I got Knots Landing.
Brian Austin Green
Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation-from anyone. And watch what happens in reality, just for fun.
Byron Katie
I think Night Court was the first thing I did when I came out to Hollywood. It was just one of those things that… I’m from Texas, and it was a character I’d been doing when I was a kid, just for fun.
Brent Spiner
It’s easier to do an action scene than a love scene. I love fighting. When the camera’s not rolling, I’ll usually punch some of the actors, just for fun.
Jessica Chastain
For a small child there is no division between
playing and learning; between the things he or she does ‘just for fun’ and
things that are ‘educational.’ The child learns while living and any part of
living that is enjoyable is also play.
Penelope Leach
I auditioned just for fun.
Clay Aiken
Once there was an elephant Who tried to use the telephant. No! no! I mean an elephone Who tried to use the telephone. Dear me, I am not certain quite That even now I’ve got it right.
Laura E. Richards
Many adults feel that every children’s book has to teach them something…. My theory is a children’s book… can be just for fun.
R. L. Stine
Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.
Nina Dobrev