Laugh Out Loud Quotes

Laugh Out Loud Quotes by Eric Idle, Bipasha Basu, Jacob Vargas, Judy Greer, Laozi, Neil Berkeley and many others.

Reading Alan Zweibel makes me laugh out loud. And yet i

Reading Alan Zweibel makes me laugh out loud. And yet it is not a particularly funny name.
Eric Idle
My philosophy towards life is to enjoy it to the fullest and have fun. I am one of those ‘laugh-out-loud’ kinds. I am quirky, yet witty.
Bipasha Basu
On any given day, my daughters would snuggle in bed with my wife and me. We just hug and kiss each other. We laugh out loud and act completely silly. I stop and think to myself, “This is love.”
Jacob Vargas
I like television medium because it feels like we’re doing a play, and I learned how to act in theater school, so that comes very naturally to me, this format. I like that people can laugh out loud when we’re working. I like that we can make mistakes, unlike being onstage, where you can’t.
Judy Greer
When the worst student hears about the Way, he laughs out loud. If he did not laugh, it would be unworthy of being the Way.
People love to laugh together. Like when I’m at home and I’m watching shows, I don’t laugh out loud, but if I’m in a crowd and everyone is into it…
Neil Berkeley
It is completely usual for me to get up in the morning, take a look around, and laugh out loud.
Barbara Kingsolver
The superior student listens to the Way and follows it closely. The average student listens to the Way and follows some and some not. The lesser student listens to the Way and laughs out loud. If there were no laughter it would not be the Way.
I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware.
Joan Rivers
Brilliant. . . . Marriage Confidential is both laugh-out-loud funny and gasp-out-loud shocking, and nothing less than a Feminine Mystique for our time. Mark my words, your marriage will change after reading this book.
Debby Applegate
I must admit I am nervous about getting Alzheimer’s. Once it hits, I might tell my best joke and never know it.
Joan Rivers
I wish I had a twin, so I could know what I’d look like without plastic surgery.
Joan Rivers
Mr. Frazier makes me laugh out loud.
Christopher Lehmann-Haupt
The confessions can touch on every human emotion. They can be laugh-out-loud funny, for sure, they can be heart-breaking, they can be sexual or hidden acts of kindness, they can be romantic.
Frank Warren
O’ who will walk with me along lifes merry way? A comrade blithe and full of glee, who dares to laugh out loud and free.
Henry Van Dyke
I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud…I want my everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that he gave life to someone who loves the gift.
Shauna Niequist
We may writhe in agony from pain
Or laugh out loud when we find happiness
As long as we’re alive tomorrow will come
we become stronger and keep on living
We were born to live
Miho Obana