Long Black Hair Quotes

Long Black Hair Quotes by Nalini Singh, Loni Anderson, Riccardo Tisci, T. S. Eliot, Carl Sandburg and many others.

Ransom thought her girly tendencies the funniest thing

Ransom thought her girly tendencies the funniest thing ever, constantly teased her over them, but the last time he’d opened his big mouth, she’d gotten her own back by pointing out that his long black hair sure did look well conditioned.
Nalini Singh
My daughter teases me once in a while saying, Remember when you used to be my mother and you had black hair?
Loni Anderson
I didn’t have many friends. I was very shy … And, then, even worse, when I was 14 I became Gothic. I had long, black hair. I was going to school with makeup. Because I was trying to find my language, to scream to the world that I felt so closed in a box where I was living.
Riccardo Tisci
A woman drew her long black hair out tight, And fiddled whisper music on those strings, And bats with baby faces in the violet light Whistled, and beat their wings, And crawled head downward down a blackened wall.
T. S. Eliot
When I was writing pretty poor poetry, this girl with midnight black hair told me to go on.
Carl Sandburg