Make No Mistake Quotes

Make No Mistake Quotes by John Boehner, Gael Monfils, Harlan Coben, Ralph Peters, Ann McLane Kuster, Stephen Colbert and many others.

But make no mistake, the President will find in our new

But make no mistake, the President will find in our new majority the voice of the American people as they’ve expressed it tonight: standing on principle, checking Washington’s power and leading the drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government.
John Boehner
Make no mistake, shoes are very important, almost as important as the racket. You need to feel comfortable; you need to be supported by the shoes.
Gael Monfils
Make no mistake, adolescence is a war. No one gets out unscathed.
Harlan Coben
Make no mistake: the anti-war voices long for us to lose any war they cannot prevent.
Ralph Peters
Make no mistake: I will work with both Democrats and Republicans to cut wasteful spending and reduce our debt in a balanced, responsible way.
Ann McLane Kuster
Make no mistake, a ‘yes’ vote on the Democrats’ health care bill is a vote for taxpayer-funded abortions.
John Boehner
Make no mistake: I love women. I’m married to one, I was birthed by one, and I played one in my high school production of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ No one else could fit into the bodice.
Stephen Colbert
At a time when our moral standing in the world has been weakened by a rubber stamp Justice Department that placed the Bush Administration above the law, we now need someone who is objective and independent. And, make no mistake, Eric Holder is independent.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
When you’re the object of everyone’s affection, make no mistake about it: you are an object. People don’t have any interest in loving you for you. Their love for you is for who they think you are.
Jennette McCurdy
Make no mistake: we will win, and groups like ISIL will lose.
Francois Hollande
Education is worth its weight in gold. Make no mistake about it.
Clyde Drexler
Make no mistake, if the payroll-tax cut is extended, it will become permanent. Social Security will become another welfare program as the tie between what someone pays and what they receive gets broken.
Ari Fleischer
Make no mistake about it: Law school is not a bastion of intellectual discourse.
Tucker Max
Make no mistake: Tackling climate change is vital. But to see everything through the lens of short-term CO2 reductions, letting our obsession with carbon blind us to the bigger picture, is to court catastrophe.
Alex Steffen
We did it. Make no mistake: We have written history. Today there’s a change of guards in Denmark.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Make no mistake: The organization of the working class must be both economic and political. The capitalist is organized upon both lines. You must attack him on both.
Daniel De Leon
Make no mistake about it: Next to parents and families, our teachers are the most important influence in our children’s lives.
Kenny Guinn