Meant To Be Quotes

Meant To Be Quotes by Doris Day, Cat Zingano, Maria Brink, Nina Jacobson, Brian Froud, Kyle Kuzma and many others.

Killing an animal to make a coat is sin. It wasn't mean

Killing an animal to make a coat is sin. It wasn’t meant to be, and we have no right to do it.
Doris Day
My desire to fight comes from within… it’s a personal journey of accomplishment, not meant to be judges or for me to judge others.
Cat Zingano
I guess the men who are meant to be a part of my life won’t be intimidated by me and will be stronger. There’s a specific breed that won’t be afraid.
Maria Brink
We knew that we wanted TheHunger Games to be PG-13 because she wrote the book for readers 12 and up, and we wanted them to be able to see the movie. It’s a movie that is meant to be relevant to young people, and not exclude them, in any way.
Nina Jacobson
Not all meanings are meant to be clear at once. Some ideas take time. Some words are designed to lead us on inner journeys, with truth hidden deep inside them.
Brian Froud
You know how you’re in elementary school and the teacher goes around the room and, like, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I said, ‘NBA player.’ And she’s like, ‘Well, OK. Maybe pick a real job.’ But I really believed it. I felt like I was meant to be here.
Kyle Kuzma
And my sister, my Lindsey, left me in her memories, where I was meant to be.
Alice Sebold
We are not meant to be perpetually solemn: We must play.
C. S. Lewis
I had all this anxiety about what it meant to be a minority. My professors – the same men who taught me the intricacies of language – just shied away from the issue. They didn’t want to talk about it, other than to suggest I could be a “role model” to other Hispanics – when I went back to my barrio, I suppose.
Richard Rodriguez
I’m trying to bring the romance back to music. Old school… Music is meant to be a part of your blood stream, and if it doesn’t affect your bloodstream, then you may as well put it back in the shoebox underneath the bed.
Al B. Sure!
Music is liquid. It’s meant to be messed with and played with and stretched and pulled and pushed, I think.
Brian Stokes Mitchell
There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.
John Lennon
I put a lot of work into my lyrics. Not all my stuff is meant to be scrutinized, though.
Robert Plant
My shows are meant to be entertaining, not educational.
Dan Schneider
Usually on jobs I’m quite philosophical and think ‘The right girl gets the part and everything is meant to be.’
Claudia Jessie
It took me eight books to finally be at a point in my career where I could come out with a book and say, ‘This is meant to be a funny book,’ and we didn’t have to make any bones about it.
John Scalzi
I have no regrets. I had an amazing surrogate who carried my son for me. I am so grateful to her. I can even say I am grateful for having cancer. I was always meant to be a mom, but if I didn’t have cancer, I never would have had Zev. I would have had a kid, but not Zev, and I want Zev – tantrums and all.
Marissa Jaret Winokur