Merry Go Round Quotes

Merry Go Round Quotes by Trevor Hall, Julie Andrews, John F. Kerry, Larry Winget, Katherine Anne Porter, Wendelin Van Draanen and many others.

The world keeps turnin'
It gets merry like a merry go

The world keeps turnin’
It gets merry like a merry go ’round
It gets cold like a frozen winter
Well I change like summer fall
But I know love is all in all
Seeds we’re always sowing
The grace is always blowing
We’ve just got to lift the sail
And we’re bound to hit the shore
We’ll finally calm this storm.
Trevor Hall
It is not enough to reach for the brass ring. You must also enjoy the merry go round.
Julie Andrews
There the Bush Administration has offered only a merry-go-round policy. They got up on their high horse, whooped and hollered, rode around in circles and ended right back where they’d started.
John F. Kerry
I have done the merry-go-round and I have ridden the roller-coaster. I have made my choice. I choose the roller-coaster. There is more risk when you choose the roller-coaster, but at least you will know you have lived.
Larry Winget
Each generation must get on the same old merry-go-round, only disguised in a fresh coat of paint.
Katherine Anne Porter
As much as thinking this upsets me, I’m starting to see that I need the merry-go-round much more than it needs me, and in the end my choice is to hop back on or get left in the dust.
Wendelin Van Draanen
I think Darth Maul has been on a vicious cycle, he’s been on a merry go round. In some way he’s begging for Obi-Wan Kenobi to take him off that ride.
Samuel Witwer
What You Lose on the Swings You Make Up on the Merry-Go-Round.
George V. Higgins
It’s no go the merry-go-round, it’s no go the rickshaw
All we want is a limousine and a ticket for the peepshow.
Louis MacNeice
When I was five years old I was on a merry go round. There was a gunshot nearby. The horses stampeded. There I was running down the street on a purple wooden horse.
Steven Wright
Life’s just a merry-go-round. Come on up. You might get a brass ring.
Mae West
No longer riding on the merry-go-round, I just had to let it go.
John Lennon
Authentic Christianity is a roller-coaster ride, not a merry-go-round.
Mark Hart
I don’t have any special passion for politics, it being a never-ending merry-go-round of bosses big and small, all generally mediocre. I actually find it boring.
Elena Ferrante
I’ve never been to a hotel with a rotating restaurant on top, but one time I took my girlfriend to a merry-go-round, and I gave her a burrito.
Mitch Hedberg
When you’re on a merry-go-round, you miss a lot of the scenery.
Neil Diamond
Seasons change. So do cities. People come into your life and people go, but it’s comforting to know: the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away.
Michael Patrick King