My Own Life Quotes

My Own Life Quotes by Michael Haneke, Albert Schweitzer, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Emily Giffin, Frances Moore LappГ©, Jonas Mekas and many others.

When making a film, I'm never concerned about whether t

When making a film, I’m never concerned about whether the theme is new or whether it’s been done before in cinema or not. I’m led to make films if there’s a theme that interests me or I experience something in my own life that confronts me with something that I want to deal with.
Michael Haneke
Your life is something opaque, not transparent, as long as you look at it in an ordinary human way. But if you hold it up against the light of God’s goodness, it shines and turns transparent, radiant and bright. And then you ask yourself in amazement: Is this really my own life I see before me?
Albert Schweitzer
I understood….that in my own life I represented a whole period of American history.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
A theme in a lot of my books – and in my own life – is making choices that you feel you should make, or what society wants you to make, as opposed to what is truly right for you.
Emily Giffin
That’s what happened when my own life crumbled. The people who came into my life bolstered me to take more risks, to be even more true to myself.
Frances Moore LappГ©
I’m working in a form of cinema that can be described, and has been described, as a diaristic form of cinema. In other words, with material from my own life. I walk through life with my camera, and occasionally I film. I never think about scripts, never think about films, making films.
Jonas Mekas
Tell me, can you see beauty? Can you let it renew your commitment to life, every day? I don’t want to wait for death to be near to receive the beauty in my life. I want to be awed every day by the truth-pretty or painful-and let it open me to the beauty that surrounds me and draws me deeper and deeper into my own life.
Oriah Dreamer
We live and breathe words. It was books that kept me from taking my own life after I thought I could never love anyone, never be loved again. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.
Cassandra Clare
So now I have started living my own life. Imperfect and clumsy as it may look, it is resembling me now, thoroughly.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I just try to use my own life to build a human song: something that people can relate to in some way. It’s not like the psychiatrist’s couch or anything.
Iron & Wine
I have struggled with perfectionism and I think it’s a really damaging thing in my own life. When we put that perfectionism on someone else, it just hurts relationships whereas grace and trusting someone else’s heart is a really, really incredible and important part of any relationship.
Rebecca St. James
I have a very hard time with confrontation in my own life, and I end up being way too nice.
Missi Pyle
I can no more think of my own life without thinking of wine and wines and where they grew for me and why I drank them when I did and why I picked the grapes and where I opened the oldest procurable bottles, and all that, than I can remember living before I breathed.
M. F. K. Fisher
People care about my fame, not me. But that’s fine. I have my own life.
Josh Hartnett
I love efficiencies and I love solving big problems, and I love working with people who create efficiencies. I love creating efficiencies in my own life on a day-to-day basis.
Ashton Kutcher
Sometimes when a character in a novel is difficult for me to enter, I sue something in myself or in my own life as a doorway into that character’s mind and emotions.
Marge Piercy
It is not sex by itself that interests me, but its particular role in American consciousness, and in my own life.
Jerzy Kosinski