Never Say Never Quotes

Never Say Never Quotes by Justin Bieber, Eric Bana, Sanjay Kumar, Frank Mir, Peter Andre, J. K. Rowling and many others.

u should not be afraid of doing what ur mind tells you

u should not be afraid of doing what ur mind tells you 2 do…just listen 2 ur heart…never say never
Justin Bieber
I would never say never to returning to comedy.
Eric Bana
Today we’re focused on small acquisitions to add technology where necessary. I think it’s fair to say we’re not out looking for a large one, but I think it’s also very fair to say that as a public company you can never say never.
Sanjay Kumar
I’ve been around long enough to know that you never say never.
Frank Mir
Never say never. At least with working out I’m proving you don’t need to. If I have three chins at 75 I’m not saying I wouldn’t get rid of them, but who knows. Generally, I’d leave it alone.
Peter Andre
I’d always said never say never, because I knew that Warner Brothers wanted to do something with “Fantastic Beasts,” and I did have kind of a yen to do that.
J. K. Rowling
I never say never, but I’m really enjoying the freedom I’m having right now.
David Schwimmer
never say never that’s my favorite quote
Justin Bieber
I never say never to anything. I don’t really think it would be for me, but I never put limitations on myself. Part of getting older is acceptance, though, so I’d like to think I’ll age gracefully. But if other women get confi dence from having surgery, then I would never judge.
Donna Air
I learned to never say never and never say no, so I decided to go pro. I knew I’d have an opportunity to be a defensive player in the NFL.
Darius Philon
I will never say never. If it is God’s plan, it will surely happen.
Liz Mitchell
I do not believe that I will ever write an adult novel from an animal’s point of view unless someday it becomes suddenly appealing to me to make a narrator a mentally ill pet. Never say never.
Andrea Seigel
The reason I say ‘never say never’ is because I do not think that there should be another independence referendum in Scotland – I do not think it’s in their interest – but on the other hand, I am a big believer in devolution.
Andrea Leadsom
You never say never to nothing.
Jon Gruden
You never say never, but I am very, very comfortable in the position I’m in with ‘Lucha Underground.’ I love their schedule, I love their style, I love what they have to offer.
Rey Mysterio
Never say never, I find I get claustrophobic in a relationship.
Anne Hegerty
Be yourself, chase your dreams, and just never say never. That’s the best advice I could ever give someone.
Taylor Swift