Never Stop Loving You Quotes

Never Stop Loving You Quotes by David LaMotte, Haruki Murakami, Drake, Elizabeth Chandler, Jeaniene Frost and many others.

You mean the world to me and I'll never stop loving you

You mean the world to me and I’ll never stop loving you ‘Cause what you have given me I can never repay And if we meet again somehow, I will love you then as now ‘Cause you mean the world to me
David LaMotte
For a long time, she held a special place in my heart. I kept this special place just for her, like a “Reserved” sign on a quiet corner table in a restaurant. Despite the fact that I was sure I’d never see her again.
Haruki Murakami
Might have been a time when I loved her too but you take that away and you’ll always be the one.
i love you Ivy. I’ll never stop loving you.” “I prayed for one more chance to reach you,” he said, “to tell you how much I love you and to tell you to keep on loving. Someone else was meant for you,Ivy, and you were meant for someone else.
Elizabeth Chandler
I will never stop loving you. No one can change that. No matter what happens later, I’ll still love you.
Jeaniene Frost