Odds And Ends Quotes

Odds And Ends Quotes by Jennifer Lee, Sue Grafton, James A. Baldwin, Ernest Lawrence, Lloyd Alexander, Shaun Tan and many others.

I like to say, Chop sueys the biggest culinary joke tha

I like to say, Chop sueys the biggest culinary joke that one culture has ever played on another, because chop suey, if you translate into Chinese, means tsap sui, which, if you translate back, means odds and ends.
Jennifer Lee
The memory is like orbiting twin stars, one visible, one dark, the trajectory of what’s evident forever affected by the gravity of what’s concealed.
Sue Grafton
Negro servants have been smuggling odds and ends out of white homes for generations, and white people have been delighted to have them do it, because it has assuaged a dim guilt and testified to the intrinsic superiority of white people.
James A. Baldwin
The day when the scientist, no matter how devoted, may make significant progress alone and without material help is past. This fact is most self-evident in our work.
Ernest Lawrence
Any fool can tell a story. Take a few odds and ends of things that happen to you, dress them up, shuffle them about, add a dash of excitement, a little color, and there you have it.
Lloyd Alexander
The Federal Department of Odds and Ends: sweepus underum carpetae.
Shaun Tan
I listen to a mixture of old jazz, contemporary, pop, some world beat stuff and various odds and ends.
Walter Becker
When we are young, we think life will be like a supo: one fabric, one weave, one grand design. But in truth, life turns out to be more like the patchwork cloths-bits and pieces, odds and ends-people, places, things we never expected, never wanted, perhaps.
Alan Brennert
It wasn’t like the spare rooms of immigrants – packed to the rafters with all that they have ever possessed, no matter how defective or damaged, mountains of odds and ends – the stand testament to the fact that they have things now, where before they had nothing.
Zadie Smith
We lawyers are always curious, always inquisitive, always picking up odds and ends for our patchwork minds, since there is no knowing when and where they may fit into some corner.
Charles Dickens