One On One Quotes

One On One Quotes by Rod Stewart, Leslie Jamison, Pete Sampras, Steven C. Harper, Missy Peregrym, Gordon Fee and many others.

I'm not sure of what the potential power of the Web is,

I’m not sure of what the potential power of the Web is, but it is something that is here to stay, so it needs to be dealt with…It’s kinda cool, though, for the fans … because it makes what is basically a huge worldwide venue into an intimate one-on-one. I don’t know of many concert halls that can do that.
Rod Stewart
Sometimes I do feel exposed. I have this kind of theory about different channels or levels of relaying experience – when I tell someone, one on one, in a personal context, about something that’s happened to me – that has a very different valence, a different charge, than when/if I’ve said it in a public forum.
Leslie Jamison
It’s one-on-one out there, man. There ain’t no hiding. I can’t pass the ball.
Pete Sampras
Coaching is my way of helping aspiring and professional writers get the kind of help and guidance that it took me years to piece together. I do workshops and coach people one on one. It’s really fun and I’m happy that I can support artists who are looking to move ahead in their work and career.
Steven C. Harper
Three to four times a week, I get up at 7:30 A.M. while the courts are empty at Venice Beach and play full court one-on-one.
Missy Peregrym
Christian ethics is not primarily an individualistic, one-on-one-with-God brand of personal holiness; rather it has to do with living the life of the Spirit in Christian community and in the world.
Gordon Fee
We have so many distractions. We’re losing the family unit. We’re losing the one-on-one. We’re becoming extremely narcissistic. And we have to be careful about that. There’s a lot to deal with out there.
Lenny Kravitz
And what we were trying to offer every day was one-on-one attention. The goal was to have a one-to-one ratio with every one of these students.
Dave Eggers
To be a soldier one needs that special gene, that extra something, that enables a person to jump into one on one combat, something, after all, that is unimaginable to most of us, as we are simply not brave enough.
Rupert Everett
It’s a complete lie, why do people buy these papers? It’s not the truth I’m here to say. You know, don’t judge a person, do not pass judgement, unless you have talked to them one on one. I don’t care what the story is, do not judge them because it is a lie.
Michael Jackson
If you’re going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill
Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
Mark Twain
In addition to being in constant communion with God, we are to spend regular periods of time in focused, one-on-one interaction with our Creator.В  And what a privilege!В  To have access to the throne room of heaven anytime we choose is a divine benefit we should not ignore.
Bob Lepine
When have you ever seen a one on one match up on this platform? Andrew Luck on offense…going against J.J. Watt
Bill Cowher
Evangelical Christians and I can sit down and talk one on one about how much we love Jesus, and yet I’m not carried in Christian bookstores.
Anne Lamott
Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye.
Vidal Sassoon
I do home schooling. I went to regular school until fifth grade, and then I started doing home schooling, which it’s completely different. I have a teacher on set with me and I just work with her, one-on-one.
Miranda Cosgrove