Outside The Box Quotes

Outside The Box Quotes by Jason Kravitz, Bobby Charlton, Deana Carter, John Ashcroft, Brian Schmidt, RuPaul and many others.

It's easier to think outside the box if you don't draw

It’s easier to think outside the box if you don’t draw one around yourself.
Jason Kravitz
It was a fair decision, the penalty, even though it was debatable whether it was inside or outside the box
Bobby Charlton
Nashville has a formula, and it works a lot of the time, but it wasn’t right for me. They’re afraid to step outside the box – even though, with me, my success came because I was outside of the box to begin with.
Deana Carter
We have to think outside the box, inside the Constitution, find ways to do things that will elevate our security, reduce the risk of the incidence of terrorist attack
John Ashcroft
Australians have a free spirit and an ability to think outside the box, and that is why I like Australia so much.
Brian Schmidt
As gay people, we always think outside of the box. The irreverent is always important to a drag queen and anyone else who lives outside the box. And this is why drag’s important: remember to not take life seriously. It’s always important to see the laughter in the illusion that we pretend is real.
Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a f**king sharp knife to it.
The most exciting part of finding out who we are is discovering our own uniqueness, who we are outside the box, beyond the categories in a Psychology 101 textbook. In our inimitable singularity, there is an infinite range of possibility that cannot be tied to any one description of what it means to be human or healthy.
David Richo
When you’re in Hollywood, you get sort of jaded about what you think the sense of humor of Hollywood is supposed to be, so you can’t think outside the box.
Diedrich Bader
If we are to maximize the potential of young girls everywhere, we have to think, in this instance, literally outside the box. And the first step of doing that is to see the box for what it really is: A perfect, pretty PROBLEM.
David Trumble
You have to think outside the box. The world is changing every day, the music industry is so different but I think the more creative you are the better.
Your mission statement says Galer Street is based on global “connectitude.” (You people don’t just think outside the box, you think outside the dictionary!)
Maria Semple
Deadlines refine the mind. They remove variables like exotic materials and processes that take too long. The closer the deadline, the more likely you’ll start thinking waaay outside the box.
Adam Savage
If everyone has to think outside the box, maybe it is the box that needs fixing.
Malcolm Gladwell
I find myself maybe just pushing myself to create characters that are a little outside the box, and if that sort of gets the critics talking, then I can take it.
Elisha Cuthbert
Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear, wherever they might be.
Lakshmi Mittal
I guess I’d like to be known for being an innovator, fostering creativity, thinking outside the box. You know, keeping people playful.
Nolan Bushnell