Photo Of Me Quotes

Photo Of Me Quotes by Mary-Kate Olsen, Keith Murray, Talib Kweli, Heidi Klum, David Hasselhoff, Wolfgang Beltracchi and many others.

There was a photo of me with weird sunglasses on and a

There was a photo of me with weird sunglasses on and a green sweatshirt, some striped thing, with tights and cowboy boots…I just saw that photo and thought, ‘God, I look crazy.’
Mary-Kate Olsen
It also makes me worry about photos of me that exist that I might not even know about. How do I appear in these unwitting photographs? Who is taking them, without my knowledge or consent, and from where?
Keith Murray
I remember looking back on a photo of me… wearing a suit that was, like, two sizes too big for me. I think a lot of guys don’t know what fits.
Talib Kweli
I am not that person who walks in a room with my nose in the sky. I smile at people when I meet them, and I like photos of me when I’m smiling because they show my personality. I am always trying to have fun.
Heidi Klum
I find it a bit sad that there is no photo of me hanging on the walls in the Berlin Museum at Checkpoint Charlie.
David Hasselhoff
I look at old photos of me, and I don’t feel connected to them at all.
Mary-Kate Olsen
I went to the flea market in the morning and charged tourists money to take pictures of me. I looked pretty wild, with hair down to my waist, Indian robes, a floor-length fur coat. There must be lots of photos of me out there.
Wolfgang Beltracchi
My aunt put my cousins into a childrens modelling agency, then my mum did it with us. Me and my sister got a few TV adverts, which was good pocket money. A director saw photos of me and asked me to do a short film.
Sullivan Stapleton
Can you imagine a 6 year old banging all day on a drum kit. I do have photos of me in my sort of princess girly bedroom with a bad-ass sparkle set.
Jill Sobule
If you want to see what I’ll look like as an old guy, check out any recent photo of me.
Dana Gould
The rumors about me being with Jamal Lewis, Adam Carolla and Tiki Barber are absolutely false. I’ve never even met Adam or Tiki Barber in person’we did phone interviews. What happens is that a lot of high-profile men saw topless photos of me.
Kola Boof