Pick Yourself Up Quotes

Pick Yourself Up Quotes by Ralph Marston, Robert Breault, Melissa Rosenberg, Patrick Ness, Toks Olagundoye, Eric Maisel and many others.

Beset by a difficult problem? Now is your chance to shi

Beset by a difficult problem? Now is your chance to shine. Pick yourself up, get to work and get triumphantly through it. The time you spend living in fear is time you cannot spend living in love. The time you spend hiding and retreating from life is time you cannot spend growing and advancing and achieving.
Ralph Marston
As important as it is to keep picking yourself up and brushing yourself off, it’s also important to stop tripping over your own two feet.
Robert Breault
Don’t give up. You’re going to get kicked in the teeth. A lot. Learn to take a hit, then pick yourself up off the floor. Resilience is the true key to success.
Melissa Rosenberg
We all fall but that’s not what matters. What matters is picking yourself up again.
Patrick Ness
Be sure of what you want, focus, work hard, be ready to pick yourself up, do not take rejection personally, be as prepared as you can, always be learning, and eliminate negative people from your life regardless of who they are.
Toks Olagundoye
Rekindling hope, engaging in inner work, and venturing into the world amount to a complete plan for picking yourself up when you’re down.
Eric Maisel
Literally falling on the ice and having to pick yourself up in front of thousands of people is not an easy thing to do. The thing that you learn is to pick yourself back up, to learn from your mistakes.
Michelle Kwan
To make real friends you have to put yourself out there. Sometimes people will let you down, but you can’t let that stop you. If you get hurt, you just pick yourself up, dust off your feelings, and try again.
Kristin Hannah
I can’t get caught up in darkness. I just don’t. I always want to gravitate towards light. I love picking yourself up or surviving or being grateful for the good stuff and not getting lost in the tough stuff. The discipline is so natural for me.
Drew Barrymore
No matter what it is, pick yourself up and go on to the next project
Shelley Duvall
When Bridget [Jones] does finally get pregnant, she ‘s bound to mess it up, but what I tried to show is the importance of love and kindness rather than perfection, and the importance of support from friends who help you to laugh at your mistakes and pick yourself up afterwards.
Helen Fielding
The best lessons are usually learned from failure. You musn’t beat yourself up if you fail – just pick yourself up, learn as much as you can from the experience and get on with the next challenge…The brave may not live forever, but the cautious never live at all.
Richard Branson
Mistakes will be made. Failure will occur. You pick yourself up and carry on.
Elizabeth Gilbert
My biggest regret is rolling in regret. It is best to pick yourself up , dust yourself off and move on.
Andie MacDowell
The difference between being a winner and being a loser is how you pick yourself up again, especially when you’re down for the third or fourth or twentieth time!
Susan Humphreys
If you’re going through hell, keep going.
Winston Churchill
We all fall to the floor at some point. It’s how you pick yourself up that’s the real challenge. Isn’t it?
Madonna Ciccone