Pope John Paul Quotes

Pope John Paul Quotes by Robert H. Schuller, Donald Wuerl, Mohammad Khatami, Chris Matthews, Pope Benedict XVI, Christopher Titus and many others.

I found myself immediately attracted to Pope John Paul

I found myself immediately attracted to Pope John Paul II when, upon his election to the Papacy, his published speeches invariably called attention to the need for recognizing the dignity of the human being as a child of God.
Robert H. Schuller
Confession is something we will never outgrow, even if we become the saints God made us to be. Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta were revered even during their lifetime; but both made frequent use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Donald Wuerl
It is with extreme sadness that we hear of the passing of the leader of the world’s Catholics, His Holiness Pope John Paul II, who commanded the three paths of religious learning, philosophical thought and poetical and artistic creativity.
Mohammad Khatami
Pope John Paul II spoke with a lot of clarity and consistency. But he always spoke with immense compassion. He’s the one who said the best way to love somebody is to tell them the truth. So, he did that well.
Chris Matthews
Dear brothers and sisters, after the great Pope John Paul II, the cardinals have elected me – a simple, humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord.
Pope Benedict XVI
Around the globe, millions more are mourning the death and celebrating the life of Pope John Paul II .Could any other world leader have drawn so many people to one place?
Chris Matthews
Pope John Paul didn’t die – he pre-boarded.
Christopher Titus
[Without Pope John Paul II] there would be no end of Communism or at least much later, and the end would have been bloody.
Lech Walesa
In life, as in death, Pope John Paul II was one of the most visible people on Earth.
Chris Matthews
In the annals of history, few men have left a more positive imprint on the world than Pope John Paul II.
Vito Fossella
The Catholic Church [with Pope John Paul II] has lost its shepherd. The world has lost a champion of human freedom.
Chris Matthews
Pope John Paul II was unquestionably the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years.
Billy Graham
His Holiness Pope John Paul II was a determined and deeply spiritual minded person for whom I had great respect and admiration. His experience in Poland, then a communist country, and my own difficulties with communists, gave us an immediate common ground
Dalai Lama
We have lost a very important religious figure who dedicated his life to peace and justice for all. [on the death of Pope John Paul II
Mahmoud Abbas
George W. Bush, who said to Pope John Paul II, Give us a visit, and bring the missus. Never got a dinner!
Red Buttons
Even if you’re not a Catholic, even if you’re not a Christian, in fact even if you have no religious faith at all, what people could see in Pope John Paul was a man of true and profound spiritual faith.
Chris Matthews
Pope John Paul would be more popular if he called himself Pope John Paul George and Ringo.
Paul Krassner