Quotes about Jeff Beck

Quotes about Jeff Beck by Jason Bonham, Imelda May, Todd Rundgren, Joe Satriani, Paul Rodgers, Joe Bonamassa and many others.

I've always wanted to do an album with half the people

I’ve always wanted to do an album with half the people I’ve worked with. People like Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, Jeff Beck and Slash.
Jason Bonham
In 2008, I was in a London park when I came across a fledgling crow that had fallen from the top of an oak tree. A woman happened to be passing, and she said that she rescued animals, so she invited me back to her house. It turned out she was the wife of Jeff Beck. Jeff was there, and we ended up jamming together.
Imelda May
I decided early on that I wanted to be Michael Bloomfield, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton – not George Harrison.
Todd Rundgren
When I got out of high school, I was in a blues band. It was the kind of music I was interested in, and listening to, mostly because it was becoming a vehicle for a generation of guitarists – like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton. Mike Bloomfield. And that’s what I wanted to be, principally: a guitar player.
Todd Rundgren
I was a kid that grew up listening to The Beatles and The Stones and Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, and I wanted all of that in there. But at the same time, a large part of my playing is Tony Iommi and Billy Gibbons. I’m just a sum total of all of the guitar players that I think were really cool.
Joe Satriani
Every year that I go out on tour, I think about all the craziest ideas that would be great to go out with, and I think, ‘I should see if Jeff Beck wants to join my band for a month or something.’
Joe Satriani
I saw The Jeff Beck Group at the Marquee Club in 1967, when he was with Rod Stewart, and holy smokes, they were amazing.
Paul Rodgers
As far as actual playing, Clapton – by far – is my biggest influence, and you can tuck Jeff Beck underneath that.
Joe Bonamassa
Whenever I hear my playing, I can’t detach from my influences: there’s my Jeff Beck, there’s the Clapton bit, the Eric Johnson bit, the Birelli Lagrene bit, the Billy Gibbons.
Joe Bonamassa
I would say seeing the original Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page at the old Fillmore was a pretty powerful influence on me.
Ronnie Montrose
When I grew up, I had influences as diverse as Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix.
Billy Squier
‘Sing It Again Rod’ touches all the solo bases since Stewart’s departure from the Jeff Beck Band, wherein he cut his teeth on American audiences for $75 a week plus expenses, and wisely ignores his generally inferior work with the Faces.
Jon Landau
I’ve always been a Jeff Beck fan. Who isn’t? He is in a league of his own.
Paul Rodgers
When we toured… I was hungry to take out people like Jeff Beck in front of us; Fleetwood Mac, just before they hit; Heart, just before they hit.
Paul Kantner
Ever since I was a child I’ve always been very attracted to melodies. Whether I hear Jeff Beck, a choir, an ocean or the wind, there’s always a melody in there.
Carlos Santana
Every time I listen to Jeff Beck my whole view of guitar changes radically. He’s way, way out, doing things you never expect.
Brian May
My personal favourite is Jeff Beck. All the others are wonderful as well.
Noel Redding