Quotes about Mike Tyson

Quotes about Mike Tyson by Triple H, Dick Schaap, Roy Nelson, Royce Gracie, Bugzy Malone, Larry Holmes and many others.

Mike Tyson was probably - positively or negatively - th

Mike Tyson was probably – positively or negatively – the most recognizable face on the planet: the ‘baddest man on the planet.’ And you had our new resident baddest man on the planet, Stone Cold Steve Austin, whom fans were just gravitating to in a way they’d never done before, walking out and flipping off Mike Tyson.
Triple H
Some people who love boxing might love Mike Tyson, but people outside of the sport are generally repulsed by him and therefore, repulsed by the sport.
Dick Schaap
I think the WWE is a great place for professional athletes. Floyd Mayweather did it. Mike Tyson has done it. Even Donald Trump has appeared in the ring.
Roy Nelson
I do jiu-jitsu my whole life, so why would I try to stand and bang with Mike Tyson? I’m going to learn boxing in six months because my opponent is good in boxing? That makes no sense.
Royce Gracie
Growing up I used to watch documentaries on people like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson. I’ve grown up fascinated with legends and legacies.
Bugzy Malone
Mike Tyson would have been a good sparring partner for me and Muhammad Ali because Tyson was a fast fighter and he could punch and throw good combinations.
Larry Holmes
Mike Tyson has become larger than life.
Thomas Hauser
I knew I’d conquered America when Mike Tyson told me I was one mean lady.
Anne Robinson
‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is the last boxer who was truly embraced by the media. They followed him around. You didn’t know what he was going to do next: bite you, cut you, fight you. When you think about it, that defines him – it was an exciting adventure.
George Foreman
Mike Tyson loved throwing hooks to the body and then coming up, even with the same hand… He knew that he was on the inside, and from there he had the perfect angle to come right up instead of going around the elbows.
Keith Thurman
I wanted to look like Mike Tyson. But then I started to realize, in a twelve round fight, you must be patient.
Anthony Yarde
In boxing, Mike Tyson fascinates me. The attitude and confidence that he could not be beaten when he was heavyweight champion of the world was interesting. He came across as very mild-mannered, and much of what he said made sense.
Andrew Flintoff
I just idolise Nigel Benn, the things he said, how ferocious he was, how intimidating he was – I just loved watching him. As I do the old Mike Tyson, the ’89 Mike Tyson. The Tyson who walked to the ring with a white towel on and looked ferocious. He frightened me just watching him.
Tony Bellew
Mike Tyson and I came up together in the streets, and being around people like him, I learned what goes on behind the scenes.
Eric B.
I remember seeing Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, and the old films of Sugar Ray Robinson.
Gennady Golovkin
My dad calls me ‘Mac’ a lot, from ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’ – Little Mac is the main character. I was obsessed. I can still beat Mike Tyson on ‘Punch Out.’
Mayer Hawthorne
I’d see people being really successful, whether it was my teammates or big-name fighters like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, and I’d think, ‘I want to be a legend like that.’
Holly Holm