Quotes about Paul McCartney

Quotes about Paul McCartney by George Benson, Tina Weymouth, Emma Kenney, Donovan, Timothy Morton, Vic Reeves and many others.

'I Want To Hold Your Hand' is a great classic by Paul M

‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ is a great classic by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, I sure love that song. I did like the classic version, a rock-oriented song, then someone heard me do it with the Grant Green approach – Grant Green and Larry Young did it, with a bossa nova beat on the funky side.
George Benson
I would really love to work with Paul McCartney. Isn’t that arrogant?
Tina Weymouth
I can go out and chill with my friends, go out to dinner, and I won’t get hounded like, I’m sure, Paul McCartney or somebody like that.
Emma Kenney
It’s not like me and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr hang out every week, but we keep together in promoting Transcendental Meditation.
It’s easier to be Eric Idle than to be Paul McCartney.
Timothy Morton
People who aren’t known for being artists do come in for criticism when they exhibit pictures. Paul McCartney, Tony Curtis, Mo Mowlam’s husband are all at it – and what’s to stop them? In my case, I don’t see the comedy and the art as separate at all – you’re just bending your creativity in a different direction.
Vic Reeves
You could live in Winnipeg a thousand years and not meet Ringo, Paul McCartney, or Bob Dylan.
Burton Cummings
I would love to just talk to Paul McCartney. That would be incredible, but that is definitely like a dream.
Kris Allen
I don’t usually get star struck, but I met Sir Paul McCartney randomly on Sunset Boulevard a few years ago, and I lost it! I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, and I didn’t know how to speak. It was crazy. He was nice enough to talk to my family and me for 10 minutes, but I remember babbling away about nonsense.
Sterling Knight
I never met Paul McCartney.
Jim Sturgess
I’m not a fan of musicals at all, but I do think ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a very good. I always thought ‘Walk the Line’ was very good, too. I was in ‘Nowhere Boy.’ I played Paul McCartney. That was kind of musical – we did songs in that.
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Paul McCartney has always been the love of my life.
Lucy Boynton
‘The Beatles’ did whatever they wanted. They were a collection of influences adapted to songs they wanted to write. George Harrison was instrumental in bringing in Indian music. Paul McCartney was a huge Little Richard fan. John Lennon was into minimalist aggressive rock.
Chris Cornell
The Seventies was a golden era. Back then we had some incredible talent with bands like the Undertones, the Rolling Stones and artists like Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney.
Leo Sayer
There have never been a lot of female guitarists out there, so most of my influences were male. Acoustically, I followed Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. Also, John Lennon and Paul McCartney – both incredible acoustic guitar players.
Nancy Wilson
If Paul McCartney tells me that so-and-so song is his favorite song, what do I care? What do I care what anybody else says?
Daryl Hall
A unique style comes from not being able to do things in a conventional manner. If David Byrne could have sung like Paul McCartney, he would have.
Dennis DeYoung