Race And Religion Quotes

Race And Religion Quotes by Richard Dawkins, Steve Kerr, Dalai Lama, Janet Reno, Jesse Jackson, Jules Michelet and many others.

It is important not to confuse race and religion.

It is important not to confuse race and religion.
Richard Dawkins
Despite the amazing diversity we’re blessed with in this country, schools are still in large part segregated because of economic disparity. Sports are one of the few areas where kids are really given the opportunity to interact with those of different races and religions.
Steve Kerr
We may be different races and religions but we are all part of the same human family
Dalai Lama
Hate crimes based on sexual orientation are among the three top reported hate crimes, after race and religion. Our law should not ignore that reality.
Janet Reno
We went across the South on Super Tuesday without a single catcall or boo, without a single ugly sign. Not until we got to New York and the North did the litmus test of race and religion spout from the mouths of public officials.
Jesse Jackson
At its starting point in India, the birthplace of races and religions, the womb of the world.
Jules Michelet
I’ve called Chicago home for nearly 25 years. It’s a city of broad shoulders and big hearts and bold dreams; a city of legendary sports figures, legendary sports venues, and legendary sports fans.
Barack Obama
Marriage – as well as erotic friendships and sexual liaisons -between members of contrasting races and religions will take place with greater frequency, and will be more accepted than it is today.
Herbert Otto Gille
Races and religions may have changed, but the marketplace, the living quarters, pilgrimage sites, places of worship, have remained the same. Venus is replaced by the Virgin, but the same life goes on.
Pablo Picasso
I know that human prejudice – especially that growing out of race and religion – is cruelly inveterate and lasting.
Grover Cleveland