Reality Of Death Quotes

Reality Of Death Quotes by Thandie Newton, Will Sheff, Billy Graham, John Thorn, Mary Webb and many others.

[We assume] that the self is an actual living thing, bu

[We assume] that the self is an actual living thing, but it’s not. It’s a projection which our clever brains create in order to cheat ourselves from the reality of death.
Thandie Newton
When your head is smashing into the concrete you don’t have question about whether it’s a real sensation. And ultimately, that’s what’s going to unmake us all – smashing up against the physical reality of death and decay, and being unmade.
Will Sheff
Although we may trust God’s promises for life after death and the certainty of a heavenly home, we must still face the reality of death.
Billy Graham
Planning to play: that’s what saving for retirement is today – and it is antithetical to the nature of play, fully within the definition of work, and blissfully ignorant of the reality of death.
John Thorn
For the world is founded and built up on death, and the reality of death is neither to be questioned nor feared. Death is a dark dream, but it is not a nightmare. It is mankind’s lack of pity, mankind’s fatal propensity for torture, that is the nightmare.
Mary Webb