Really Good Life Quotes

Really Good Life Quotes by Angelina Jolie, Jessa Crispin, Jojo Moyes, Jon Fishman, Temple Grandin, George Clooney and many others.

I think I should learn French and be a better cook - ba

I think I should learn French and be a better cook – basic, really good life stuff.
Angelina Jolie
I have a really good life and I really like it.
Jessa Crispin
I am conscious that knowing me has caused you pain, and grief, and I hope that one day when you are less angry with me and less upset you will see not just that I could only have done the thing that I did, but also that this will help you live a really good life, a better life, than if you hadn’t met me.
Jojo Moyes
I think that Phish has been a band, we’ve all had- I’ve had a great life growing up and everybody in my band’s had a really good life, none of us have got anything to complain about at all.
Jon Fishman
I feel very strongly that we need to give beef cattle a really good life. When they go to slaughter, it needs to be painless.
Temple Grandin
I’ve been my most happy and my most unhappy in relationships. I have family and friends and people I care very much about. I’ve got a really, really, really good life.
George Clooney