Rocking The Boat Quotes

Rocking The Boat Quotes by Ted Lindsay, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alice Walker, Martin Luther King, Jr., Kenny Loggins, Pierre Trudeau and many others.

My penalty for rocking the boat was being traded.

My penalty for rocking the boat was being traded.
Ted Lindsay
Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.
Jean-Paul Sartre
It’s almost unbelievable where we are as a planet because people have been so afraid of rocking the boat, of putting forth what they really believe, and standing with people who need to be stood with.
Alice Walker
We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
The hardest thing to remember is that what we each really want is the truth of our lives, good or bad. Not rocking the boat is an illusion that can only be maintained by the unspoken agreement not to feel and in the long run it never really works. Let go of saving the boat and save the passengers instead.
Kenny Loggins
I bear solemn witness to the fact that NATO heads of state and of government meet only to go through the tedious motions of reading speeches, drafted by others, with the principal objective of not rocking the boat.
Pierre Trudeau
There are always a lot of people so afraid of rocking the boat that they stop rowing. We can never get ahead that way.
Harry S. Truman