Rules And Regulations Quotes

Rules And Regulations Quotes by Jamie Dimon, Yasmin Mogahed, James Cromwell, Mata Amritanandamayi, Patti Smith, Joyce Meyer and many others.

The government has the right to change laws and rules a

The government has the right to change laws and rules and regulations.
Jamie Dimon
To some,Islam is nothing but a code of rules and regulations.But,to those who understand,it is a perfect vision of life
Yasmin Mogahed
There are reasons to have rules and regulations. That I understand. Authority is a different thing. Authority is to maintain its own position by increasing its power and domination over those people it is supposedly protecting.
James Cromwell
Progress is not possible without discipline. A nation, institution, family or individual can advance only by heeding the words of those who deserve respect and by obeying the appropriate rules and regulations. Children, obedience is not weakness. Obedience with humility leads to discipline.
Mata Amritanandamayi
Words are just rules and regulations to me.
Patti Smith
Religion is a very dangerous thing. By that I mean being so caught up in rules and regulations and not focusing on the thing that matters most- a personal relationship with God.
Joyce Meyer
I’ve seen so many people in my life struggle tremendously to fit into those boxes or to live up to those expectations or pressures put upon them by whatever society’s concept of ‘normal’ is. I get frustrated by rules and regulations. I’m frustrated by things that are exclusive to one particular life choice.
Jennifer Westfeldt
Golf requires only a few simple Rules and Regulations to guide the players in the true nature of its sporting appeal. The spirit of the game is its own referee.
Robert Harris
China is eating our lunch because they don’t partake in all of the rules and regulations that we do.
Donald Trump
The illustrious and noble ought to place before them certain rules and regulations, not less for their hours of leisure and relaxation than for those of business.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
To insure peace of mind ignore the rules and regulations.
George Ade
Actually criminal sanctions that are given could be up to five years for violating the rules and regulations under the campaign finance reform. This is like the Alien and Sedition Act of years and years ago, decades ago.
Jay Sekulow
It always seems to me odd to call a place a wilderness when every wilderness area in the US bristles with rules and regulations as to how you can behave, what you’re allowed to do, and is patrolled by armed rangers enforcing the small print. They’re parks, of course, not wildernesses at all.
Jonathan Raban
Life can be lived in rules, but then life becomes superficial. Live life not according to the laws but according to consciousness, awareness. Don’t live life according to the mind. Mind has rules and regulations, mind has rituals. Live life from the standpoint of no-mind so that you can bloom into unpredictable flowers.
Catholicism is not a lifeless set of rules and regulations. Catholicism is a lifestyle. Catholicism is a way of life designed by God to help you become all you can be.
Matthew Kelly
If after accepting the spiritual master and being initiated one does not follow the rules and regulations of devotional service, then he is again fallen.
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Love lets go. Need holds on. This is the way you can tell the difference between need and love. Let go of expectation, let go of requirements and rules and regulations that you would impose on your loved ones.
Neale Donald Walsch