Save A Life Quotes

Save A Life Quotes by Katharine Kolcaba, Donald Trump, Victoria Beckham, Kay Redfield Jamison, Tom Coburn, Albert Camus and many others.

It must never be lost sight of what observation is for.

It must never be lost sight of what observation is for. It is not for the sake of piling up miscellaneous information or curious facts, but for the sake of saving life and increasing health and comfort
Katharine Kolcaba
One way to reduce crime and save lives is to target criminals who use guns with tough mandatory minimums.
Donald Trump
You have to remember that when you are a performer you become a celebrity, but you are not saving lives. It’s not that important.
Victoria Beckham
I think psychotherapy saves lives and is hugely meaningful and I think that one of the unfortunate aspects of prescription drugs working well is that people tend to think that’s enough.
Kay Redfield Jamison
I believe all life has value, from conception to natural death. And I believe the intentional taking of human life, except to save lives, should be a capital offense, as it is in most states in America today
Tom Coburn
In the next few years the struggle will not be between utopia and reality, but between different utopias, each trying to impose itself on reality … we can no longer hope to save everything, but … we can at least try to save lives, so that some kind of future, if perhaps not the ideal one, will remain possible.
Albert Camus
My books have been translated into various languages and sold in other countries, but I never have any contact with the foreign publishers and am so disconnected from that process that it seems almost imaginary. With ‘How to Save a Life’, I worked closely with Usborne editors and have been involved in the publicity.
Sara Zarr
The doctors and nurses at the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital are saving lives every day and helping improve health care in the DRC which has been ravaged by more than a decade of war and disease.
Dikembe Mutombo
The Purpose of life is to thrive and save lives with passion! Save Yazidis today with love and compassion!
Widad Akrawi
We know what to do and we know how to do it, these investments save lives, empower women and girls, strengthen health systems and have a profound and lasting impact on development.
Babatunde Osotimehin
I am just one of many many thousands of midwives, who are devoted to saving lives gently.
Robin Lim
We should never forget that God granted us the power to reason so that we would do His work here on Earth – so that we would use science to cure disease, and heal the sick, and save lives.
Barack Obama
WikiLeaks, God bless them, will save lives as a result of their actions.
Michael Moore
If you are going to use military force, then you ought to use overwhelming military force. Use too much and deliberately use too much; you’ll save lives, not only your own, but the enemy’s too.
Curtis LeMay
A gifted small girl has explained that pins are a great means of saving life, “by not swallowing them.
Charles Edward Montague
If every country committed to spending 0.05 per cent of GDP on researching non-carbon-emitting energy technologies, that would cost $25 billion a year, and it would do a lot more than massive carbon cuts to fight warming and save lives.
Bjorn Lomborg
Beyond its entertainment values, ‘Baywatch’ has enriched and in many cases helped save lives.
David Hasselhoff