Schools And Community Quotes

Schools And Community Quotes by Iwan Rheon, Busy Philipps, Christine Taylor, Mike Huckabee, Bill Ayers and many others.

My parents aren't artists or anything, but growing up i

My parents aren’t artists or anything, but growing up in Wales, especially in a Welsh language school and community, they have this thing called the Eisteddfod where people compete in singing and acting and dancing and oratory all sorts of things. From a very young age, it’s been a part of my upbringing.
Iwan Rheon
I certainly did plays in high school and community theater, and I want to get back on the stage.
Busy Philipps
It’s not like I had big dreams to go to California and become an actor. I loved doing my shows at school and community theater, and I probably would have settled in New York because it was closer. I was going to go to NYU.
Christine Taylor
We don’t have a crime problem, a gun problem or even a violence problem. What we have is a sin problem. And since we’ve ordered god out of our schools, and communities, the military and public conversations, you know we really shouldn’t act so surprised … when all hell breaks loose.
Mike Huckabee
It’s the connection between schools and communities that creates greatness in schools.
Bill Ayers