Sense Of Entitlement Quotes

Sense Of Entitlement Quotes by Curtis Jackson, Michael Moore, Joshua Homme, Neil Strauss, Sara Genn, Tim Gunn and many others.

I was surrounded by too many people who felt that they

I was surrounded by too many people who felt that they had a strong sense of entitlement. That I owed them something.
Curtis Jackson
I think that there’s something in the American psyche, it’s almost this kind of right or privilege, this sense of entitlement, to resolve our conflicts with violence. There’s an arrogance to that concept if you think about it. To actually have to sit down and talk, to listen, to compromise, that’s hard work.
Michael Moore
I hate that sense of entitlement or the sense of business crawling into playing music.
Joshua Homme
I feel like rock stars feel a sense of entitlement, whereas I just feel a sense of good fortune.
Neil Strauss
A millionaire is a person who is free, who does what she loves, who has unlimited materials, her choice of tools, abundance, inspiration, freedom and an inflated sense of entitlement to have, create and get more.
Sara Genn
I would certainly rather the industry not go broke, but if that’s what it takes for everyone to acquire some values and lose that sense of entitlement, maybe a little belt-tightening wouldn’t be so tragic.
Tim Gunn
The school made it very clear that women were entitled to positions of authority. That sense of entitlement allowed us to feel that we have a natural place in leadership in the world. That gave me a mental and emotional confidence.
Linda Vester
Somebody told me … that he overheard a banker’s wife saying her husband was working for free this year-this was 2009. What she meant was, he was just getting his basic salary of ВЈ300,000, and no bonus. Their sense of entitlement is, in the proper sense of the word, psychotic.
John Lanchester
Divorce exposes absolutely ever buried assumption about marriage … how a husband’s sense of entitlement and a wife’s sense of duty turned the principle of ‘our money, our kids’ into the reality of ‘his money, her kids.
Mary Blakely
Some male gamers with a deep sense of entitlement are terrified of change.
Anita Sarkeesian
I’ve never had a sense of entitlement. I saw how hard my father worked for his money, and it was always made very clear to me that things wouldn’t just be given to me.
Ivanka Trump
I don’t have a sense of entitlement or that I deserve this. You’d be surprised at the lack of competition between nominees – I think a lot of it’s imposed from the outside. Can I have my champagne now?
Cate Blanchett
Though beauty gives you a weird sense of entitlement, it’s rather frightening and threatening to have others ascribe such importance to something you know you’re just renting for a while.
Candice Bergen
I’m interested in avoiding two types of behaviour [in my children]: one is the sense of guilt and the other is a sense of entitlement. If these two are avoided, then the rest is up to them.
John Elkann
Musicians, actors, writers – we’re all neurotic, odd people who’ve lucked into accidental careers. So I just don’t like being around public figures with that sense of entitlement, it just seems unhealthy, and it strips so much potential for them to develop as a human being.
Legalism breeds a sense of entitlement that turns us into complainers.
Tullian Tchividjian
Once you realize that there are no geniuses out there, you can think, “I can do that”. One reason I’ve succeeded is that I have that naГЇve sense of entitlement.
Donny Deutsch